10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2020

10 Best Technology Solution Providers of 2020

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Regent Power LLC

Regent Power is a renewable energy storage integration and asset development company specializing in a wide range of applications—from smaller-scale commercial and industrial to MW-scale wind/solar/storage grid-level projects and DC microgrids and DC-DC fast EV Charging Stations.

CEdge Software Consultants

CEdge Software Consultants, an innovative IT consulting firm and a strategic business partner, offers IT solutions to federal and state government, as well as to commercial enterprises throughout the United States.

Chameleon Integrated Services

Chameleon provides high-quality IT solutions to public and private sector organizations. We have an excellent record of success because of our consistent approach that is based on one goal: to help our clients Prepare. Protect. Prosper.

Cobra Business Operations Software

The integrated features of our contractor software help you address the above issues and help you manage your tasks, derive strategies, and optimize your business smartly.

Caprivi Solutions Inc

Caprivi Solutions is leading in development and deployment of a state of the art 360-degree CapEx Management software driving the automation of CapEx requests, approvals, workflows and reports.


ECS Inc. International is a privately held Global Leader in its class that is at the forefront of servicing a growing global demand for highly reliable and innovative passive components, components meeting the needs of the world today and beyond.

FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

FutureSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, is an ISO, CMMI-Level5 & CMMI-Level3 certified, ITIL compliant organization with powerful presence as a consulting, technology and next-generation system integrator.


As independent Cloud and NetSuite advisors, we work with our clients to first understand their business needs and then find the Cloud solution that will best meet those needs – even if that means bringing them a solution we don’t resell.


Our specialty is a unique electromagnetic technology, contained in flexible, pressure sealed, in-line inspection Tools, that allow ferritic pipelines (ductile iron, cast-iron and steel) to be inspected for corrosion pits, graphitic corrosion, eroded areas and cracks.


Rethink is a global health technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training and clinical supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.