Dirk Shimpach | CPA | Managing Partner | goVirtualOffice

Dirk Shimpach | CPA | Managing Partner

“a true cloud solution requires no special hardware, software or difficult upgrades. our clients can spend more time, effort and dollars on their business and not it infrastructure”

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"Technology Experts Offering Unique Business Solutions"

Dirk Shimpach, CPA founded goVirtualOffice to help businesses succeed with better systems, processes, and reporting. Early on, he found most successful businesses had this in common – easy access to dashboards that provided a quick glimpse of operations and finance. This information helped those businesses to make key strategic decisions that made them successful. He recognized many companies not using a truly integrated cloud ERP with too many spreadsheets – did not have access to the same kind of easily accessible analytics of their business. “This is where our True North was realized,” explains Dirk, “to help businesses implement software that supports day-to-day operations and provides easy access to analytical information about their business.”

According to Dirk, as they have grown over the years, their primary goal still is the same, but as an organization they are about more than just systems or analytics. “At the end of the day, we truly enjoy the process of helping people – business owners, accounting staff, warehouse staff, you name it – we love to use technology to impact people for the better,” adds Dirk. “Thus, our mission statement was born: To create and implement software that improves organizations and the personal lives of their employees.”

goVirtualOffice stands by their mission – the success of their clients come first. They are about people, first, and therefore, engage with their clients as a neutral party, giving them honest advice every time – even if it means goVirtualOffice does not get awarded the business. “A true cloud solution requires no special hardware, software or difficult upgrades. Our clients can spend more time, effort and dollars on their business and not IT infrastructure,” says Dirk. “We believe that creating good karma has merit – so we simply always do the right thing. And hopefully down the road that sincerity gets us a referral or two.” Today, goVirtualOffice has culminated into a technology leader, and as a top NetSuite partner they have been delivering cloud solutions for over 15 years. “Our team is very seasoned, and we take considerable pride in our ability to listen, design, develop and successfully deliver true ROI cloud solutions,” elucidates Dirk.

The company’s approach is extremely broad at first and they do not think about technology up front. They primarily try to understand “what is the business problem” and then determine the best solution. Manytimes, the solution is a combination of people, process and systems and having the ability to use an entire CRM, ERP, and accounting solution in one platform. This provides to be a very valuable tool. goVirtualOffice has a proven process to help businesses evaluate ERPs, define needs, understand exceptions, define, build, and successfully implement ERP solutions. Their approach is based upon using leading practices and utilizing as much natural functionality as possible. If there are unique needs those are documented as exceptions, which are much easier to manage then an entire “Big Bang” approach.

Historically, goVirtualOffice’s primary focus has been to supply outstanding services to most any companies implementing NetSuite ERP. “We have been very much generalists. We are moving our business to build out NetSuite for some specific niche industries,” says Dirk. “Providing analytics and impacting people are still our core focus and today we’re working on new ways to reach and help more business find their path to success.” One way they are doing this is to develop products and services to use “leading practices” in niche industries. They are also pairing niche-tailored software with an innovative implementation process and that is allowing goVirtualOffice to bring ERP and analytics to companies that will see a real boost from the technology.