Bradford Slatten | President & CEO | ECS INC. INTERNATIONAL

Bradford Slatten | President & CEO

“we will continue at this brisk pace because the industry and our customers demand it. our sole mission is dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovative frequency control devices in the world.”

"Delivering Advanced Innovative Frequency Control Devices"

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the proliferation of the personal computer along with all the peripheral devices that would support the personal computer industry began to flourish. ECS Inc. saw the global demand for quartz-based frequency control components skyrocketing in the decades that was to follow, and in fact it did. ECS Inc. positioned itself to become one of the leading authorities, designers, manufacturers and marketers of quartz-based crystals and hybrid clock oscillators that would be the heart keeping mechanism on all computer boards and accessories. “In the world of electronic circuit board level components, it is mandatory that one must deliver innovative quality components repetitively. If not, you will not survive,” says Bradford Slatten, President & CEO of ECS Inc. International. “ECS Inc. has done this for 40 years. Our fabrication facilities are “state of the art” which allows us to deliver a variety of “first in class” components to the world’s foremost electronic designers and manufacturers.”

Talking about their most recent product Slatten introduces their MultiVolt family of Hybrid Clock Oscillators.The component operates over a wide voltage range from 1.6V to 3.6V DC—which comes in industry-standard packages and enables designers to build multiple product platforms with a single timing device. Today’s quartz-based oscillators over better overall performance than the equivalent MEMS timing devices. ECS MultiVolt products feature better jitter, phase noise and operating current, and at a lower unit cost. MultiVolt oscillators are perfect for portable, wearable and IoT devices, handheld radios, video equipment, medical devices, and navigation equipment. “Over the past 3 years we have introduced no less than 100 new products that are solutions for telecommunication equipment, the automotive industry, medical device applications, wearables and the industrial space,” adds Slatten. “We will continue at this brisk pace because the industry and our customers demand it.Our sole mission is dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovative frequency control devices in the world.” In one instance a Fortune 500 fossil fuel well drilling organization had problems with their circuit failing due to the harsh environment that their equipment and systems were being exposed to. ECS’ engineering team studied the problem and determined that they needed a “ruggedized” high shock and vibration solution for their well head drilling devices. They engineered the component to withstand that environment and today they are still using ECS’ component in their design and have been for over 12 years now.

In a highly technological environment such as today it is mission critical that the foundation of every leadership team is made up of technology savvy, self-driven, ownership thinking and highly motivated talent. Slatten supports this talent by delivering purpose and a vision, holds his leadership team accountable and most importantly creates a path to success where people, practices, and leadership align. This keeps the company on the same trajectory, and this moves ECS Inc. forward that results in success. “It first begins with finding talent that meets the cultural needs of the organization and meets the attributes of the position and role they will fulfil,” adds Slatten. “Once they are on board I live and lead them with four basic principles. Trust, Understanding, Clear Boundaries and most importantly Encouragement.”

In the near term ECS Inc. will continue to develop innovative products and technology that are needed and will be needed to provide solutions to the electronics world now and well into the future. “Our products are the “heartbeat” of every oscillation circuit produced today,” says Slatten. “Our products are used in automotive applications, commercial applications, telecommunications, consumer and medical device applications. All these applications are rapidly expanding and broadening in scope, our daily lives and around the globe.”