FutureSoft Solutions Pvt Ltd., has been a helping hand and backbone to the numerous enterprises in transforming themselves and to bloom well in the changing world through their IT Services and System Integration. Leading the industry as a Consulting, Technology and Next Generation Services, FSPL attracts clients from over 450+ locations across India and has helped them in expanding and leading the race with the blend of innovation. “We are recognized for our approach of vendor-agnostic process- automation & optimization and impeccable delivery of the projects. We help enterprises renew themselves, while also creating new avenues to generate value,” says Vipul Datta, CEO of FSPL. “We provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. Moreover, in recent past business year, we have delivered solutions on Block Chain, Augmented Reality, Mobility Adoption, Cloud Adoption & traditional Compute Optimization, ensuring high security on critical business apps and data while improving ROI for our clients.”

According to Vipul, process automation is to the core of digitization or modernization and FSPL is committed to achieve full automation for client’s business processes and enable them to achieve business growth without having to worry about the transparency / accountability and compliance. Every fresh investment is integrated with existing IT landscape, a futuristic road map comprising of an integrated technology platform-based implementation and a ROI to be accomplished within 36-48 months. Hence all engagements with the client are mapped to a mutually agreed SOW/SLA, and every stage of project delivery is reviewed on process driven / defined mutual parameters & terms. “This method of engagement has ensured nearly 100% renewal of business and further business growth with same client,” states Vipul.

By leveraging fast-paced FSPL services, customers can grow their business with a robust, stable and secure data center. “Building and maintaining Data Centers and services respectively is a thing of a past, SI’s will now be measured on their continual adaptability to accept change in technology, change in SLA and likewise change in services experience within the running contract itself, last but not least, still be measured while change is happening. We are proud of being one of those agile partners who are happy to welcome the change and strategize the service delivery accordingly,” adds Vipul. With Converged and Smart Infrastructure leading the marketplace, FSPL looks forward to introducing BlockChain with appropriate use cases to address problem statement thrown by the business. Vipul explains, it’s no longer a guessing game, service consumers understands that it is beyond adding an extra server or storage to solve a problem, hence none suggestions but only the problem statements. It is also least likely an eventual service consumer presenting a BlockChain proposal, extending a perfect opportunity to IT arm and SI’s to drive a solution, which is not only technically leveraged but also economically meaningful. It is the expertise and ingenuity of the service provider that will bring about the change. FSPL is positioned as one such service provider who has always accepted challenges and emerged throughout all projects with ground-breaking solutions

FSPL is certified as an ISO and CMMI-L3 company, who has been successful in providing cost-effective, end- to- end IT products and services blended with innovation. FSPL continues to grow as profitable business, prioritize and fund the next generation of business. “We have worked towards improving operational effectiveness of our working models by creating capacity to execute on untouched agenda,” says Vipul. “We intend to attract, engage and retain good talent. Our focus is to continue to leverage technology to enhance new customer acquisition. We have worked and designed a framework to reach epitome of becoming The Top Ten System Integrators in the country.”