Sekhar Prabhakar’s unique passion for service delivery excellence along with a sense of purpose is what sets him apart from the rest of the CEOs. His entrepreneurial spirit was the impetus behind his creation of CEdge and his immense desire to have an organization that was centrally focused on building a platform for employees to grow and benefit from their participation, while providing a conduit for customers to have a capability that would allow them to achieve their chosen vision for their own organizations. His rationale for wanting to create CEdge was also based upon what he saw as challenges for customer organizations—like providers not focused on the customer’s specific mission challenges, the cost constraints that many customers have especially within the Government domain, and having a workforce that is not dedicated to a customer’s needs, wants or desires.

CEdgeisan innovative IT consulting firm and a strategic business partner, offering IT solutions to federal and state government combining their knowledge, experience and professionalism. “While we continue to deliver optimum services for many small, medium and large Government entities; we also utilize our immense commercial experience to expedite how we fulfill any/all Government requirements. This also greatly enhances our ability to inject emerging technologies that we have Commercial experience with into Governmental systems,” adds Sekhar. CEdge understands that security is the most important element whether one is finding solutions for federal or state government, city, or are looking at an integrated business solution for an enterprise.“Security certainly is a very important factor. We want to follow the NIST standards and follow the best practices from physical security to application level security to ensure that risk is managed very well,” adds Sekhar. “We have worked in integration labs and use all the best practices to ensure every clients data is protected.”

CEdge is focused on building solutions that are based on open source technologies offering a significant ROI to its clients. They have developed their own tools and put best practices in place. They have also supported some of their key customers application integration through risk management framework and NIST practices to be more proactive than reactive.

Sekhar has been inspiring and empowering young entrepreneurs across industries into becoming great leaders with technical know-how. His leadership within several regional accelerators/incubators has been a guiding light for start-up organizations. He consistently goes out of his way to spend time and energy with these organizations to share his organizational as well as technical prowess to help them get a jump start on doing business within the St Louis Region. He continues to help these organizations across the full-spectrum from helping with business plans to making connections with other leaders to suggesting specific technologies to be considered.

The company’s focus is on providing the right expertise at the right time by concentrating on what the customer’s specific challenges and mission dictates are before making suggestions on moving forward. “Many competitors just second guess challenges but we utilize everything from specific individuals to subcontracting with leading suppliers to ensure we meet the customer’s requirements,” adds Sekhar.

In the next three to five years Sekhar and his team of experts are optimistic that they will be able to take CEdge public. This will be facilitated by their exceptional advisory board, which includes regional leaders as well as industry icon Scott McNealy. “As far as market expansion efforts we have setup an operation in India and are continuing to expand within the Government and Commercial sectors,” adds Sekhar. “We would like to develop a playbook that other companies in service industry can follow to be successful in marketplace. Our success does not mean much if it cannot help others.”