Cindy Cameron | President | Cobra Business Operations Software

Cindy Cameron | President

"the integration between our modules is designed to save contractors time, money and effort at every stage of a job!"

"Cobra Business Operations Software"

Cindy Cameron, President, Owner, & Software Developer at COBRA Business Operations Software recognized in the late 80s that there was no business software designed specifically for contractors. The generic accounting software simply didn’t go far enough to address the specific needs of the contracting business in the areas of estimating, material management, job cost and work-inprogress and contractor accounting and payroll. She along with her team designed a modularized, integrated suite of programs. “The integration between our modules is designed to save Contractors time, money and effort at every stage of a Job!” says Cindy.

Cindy has been leading the industry for decades in designing and developing integrated software and mobile solutions for contractors. Her keen ability to understand trends in the industry have set her apart from other software developers. Cindy is inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs as most of their customers have women running the COBRA Software. “Many are wives and sisters of owners, if not owners of contracting businesses themselves. I have always understood the unique position of these women and want them to become better owners, bookkeepers, etc,” adds Cindy. Today, COBRA Business Operations Software has culminated into a technology leader by enhancing themselves as technology and trends develop with time. “Since the Recession of 2008-2009, the industry has lost thousands of electricians, plumbers and all manner of techs. We recognized this and developed our integrated Mobile Solutions. It’s simply not enough for techs, etc. to work harder – today, they also need to work smarter!” adds the steadfast leader.

The Mobile Field Sheet (MFS) solution of COBRA Software was designed to replace paper that techs use to record job materials, labor, service notes, etc. By replacing paper, no job is ever lost! The work of recording the techs’ work is no longer a matter of taking paperwork and entering the details into the business software. This solution includes the ability to take up to 8 pictures at a job site. A tally of the materials recorded ensures the techs have not forgotten anything, alongside the dates and times the tech did the work are also easily recorded on the MFS. The voice-to-text tech notes about what they did on the job are readable and ensure that the customer has a complete explanation of what they did on the Job. “Recently, we started developing a library of Mobile Forms Solutions that integrate seamlessly with our business software. Unlike mobile apps, our mobile forms emulate what the techs does in the field only on an iPad. The information sent to and from the iPad (via email) is processed with 1-click into the COBRA software.”

COBRA Software’s integrated workflow helps customers in accomplishing various tasks while optimizing communications between the office, field techs, vendors and customers. Every single process of the contracting business is keenly scrutinized and the software developed to minimize the time and effort it takes to perform these processes or tasks. For Instance, Stiegler a full-service electrical contractor in Northeastern Wisconsin needed a mobile solution, that would speed up field- related job reporting and billing, while not having to hire new technical and administrative staff to manage the increased workload. Stiegler choose Cobra Mobile Forms powered by JetTrac, as the solution is flexible, user-friendly, practical and advanced enough to meet their needs now, and in the future. “Within a month we were realizing a substantial ROI. We now have all apprentices and helpers using the new Cobra Mobile Forms powered by JetTrac solution, too,” says Shari Kronschnabel, Controller at The Stiegler Company.

COBRA Software is currently in negotiation with a European company who sees the value in their business software and integrated mobile solutions. “We are looking into the possibility of expanding into the UK and Europe,” adds Cindy. “Also, we are developing our software for expanding into Canada. This primarily means developing the Canadian Payroll for all 12 Provinces.”