Fabio Casti | Principal | Caprivi Solutions Inc

Fabio Casti | Principal

"a business can have all their good ideas, capex budgets, forecasts, and capex requests in one place visible to anyone with security permissions,"

"360 Degrees of CapEx Control"

Established in 2008, Caprivi Solutions saw a need in the market for better control of Capital Expenditures (CapEx) in terms of budgeting, forecasting, tracking, reporting and automation of CapEx request approvals. Numerous large organizations were and still are using spreadsheets and emails to monitor and submit CapEx requests without proper controls resulting in poor forecasting and CapEx reporting. Some organizations have developed in-house applications to streamline the approvals but often such in-house developed systems lack the financial backbone for proper financial reporting and forecasting. Even fewer companies take the time to monitor their CapEx investments to ensure the desired benefits are realized though a post investment review process. Through research, financial expert consultation, and feedback from customers, Caprivi developed their first CapEx Software many years ago and began to build upon the CapEx solution, improving its features, tools, reports, and appearance to be more effective and user friendly.

Caprivi offers a 360-degree CapEx tool that starts with the capturing of good ideas and ends with Post Investment Reviews. On the way, ideas are matured and converted into the budget which are submitted for approval, forecasted and executed. ERP integration such as with SAP HANA and other systems, coupled with a strong work flow engine drives accurate reporting that saves a tremendous amount of time. In addition, Caprivi’s capex software highlights unauthorized spending and tightens controls saving both time and money.

The pioneering leader in the CapEx arena, Caprivi is being led by Fabio Casti, as the CEO with a strong project engineering and work flow background who was quick to identify the strengths and weakness of many businesses in this field. It was then that with determination and the right development partner he started Caprivi Solutions to meet the needs of enterprises around the world. His strong leadership and ethics have fortified a strong long-standing team while, project management and finance experience bring business into the future of apps with a smooth transition and adoption.“Caprivi is a leader in the automation of CapEx amongst large enterprises as few solutions can handle the financial reporting demands, approval workflows and customizations required to remain compliant,” says Fabio. “Caprivi CapEx 360 software helps business grow, increase efficiency, increase profits at site, regional or global level.”

Caprivi’s CapEx software enables large enterprises to streamline their CapEx plans and budgets no matter how large the company or the number of locations around the world. “A business can have all their good ideas, capex budgets, forecasts, and capex requests in one place visible to anyone with security permissions,” adds Fabio. “This allows easy collaboration and transparency. It speeds up approvals which translates to on time project execution and automatically creates reports and makes forecasting easier with actuals being updated automatically.” Thereafter, the post investment reviews determine lessons learned to drive continuous improvements—Caprivi Software offers a true 360 degree of capital spending control, automation and visibility.

According to Fabio, Caprivi is more than just a Capex software company —they offer enterprises services that helps them with their CapEx from beginning to end using the most experienced CapEx developers, finance experts and project managers to make sure that companies have an easy transition to a system easily maintained. Caprivi for the days to come will continue to innovate on feedback received from customers, comply with accounting standards and always adhere to best practices to keep Capex360 relevant and useful. “We are here to make Capital Management and planning easier for all parties involved from the project engineer, to the accountant right up to the CFO,” adds Fabio.