Drew Acree | President,    Jeff Kelly | CEO  | Chameleon Integrated Services

Drew Acree | President, Jeff Kelly | CEO

"chameleon responds to its customers it challenges with a unique approach that is built around one set of goals: to help customers prepare, protect, prosper."

"Developing Transformational IT Solutions to Fulfill Organizational Missions"

Public and private sector organizations of all types face the overwhelming task of improving their IT applications and systems to keep up with the latest technologies, operate at maximum efficiency and maintain defenses against growing cybersecurity threats. Many government agencies have ‘top secret’ security classifications, making them even bigger targets for cybersecurity threats. And their systems must comply with all federally mandated security requirements.

Chameleon Integrated Services implements customized technology solutions to improve and secure its clients’ legacy IT systems. The company focuses on helping clients successfully capture and deploy critical opportunities in IT modernization, cloud computing and building a qualified technology workforce while enhancing information assurance by mitigating cybersecurity risks. This helps the company successfully recruit highly skilled IT employees with Top Secret military security clearances, which in turn enables Chameleon to continuously secure profitable, long term contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Chameleon is a proven and trusted solutions partner that delivers transformational results and successful outcomes for federal agencies, state and local governments, and commercial companies. The company has developed a suite of cybersecurity, network engineering, custom computer programming and systems design services that delivers transformational results and successful outcomes to government and commercial organizations. Because of the level of sophistication, complexity, and paramount importance of security in the Government space, Chameleon has also developed a roadmap to achieve its clients’ enterprise objectives through risk management strategies and “cloud” solutions.

The company combines these advisory, cybersecurity consulting, cloud, IT modernization, managed services, and network engineering in developing customized solutions for its clients:

Advisory Services: These services are designed to help facilitate improved processes, optimization of people, resources, and budgets, and manage programs and projects on an on-going basis. They include IT Strategy Development, Cybersecurity, Regulatory, Compliance, Risk Assessment, Risk Management Framework (RMF) Design & Implementation, Program & Risk Management, Cost & IT Optimization and Efficiencies Analysis, Requirements Analysis, IT Asset Management Planning, and IT Solutions Engineering & Architecture Development.

Cybersecurity: This suite of advisory services is designed to assess risk, identify gaps, and create a success map to transform cyber practice into a robust line of defense across all channels, projects, people and tasks. Chameleon finds ways to ensure safety and security on networks, in storage solutions, in application development and with personnel by reducing an organization’s Cyberattacks surface.

IT Modernization: Chameleon offers a complete suite of services designed to modernize even the most obsolete infrastructure. Its team of experts can test IT security defenses, prepare a management plan for corrective action to address any issues and lead legacy system retirement projects and data center modernization and consolidation efforts. This includes assistance with large-scale data migrations to the cloud and help optimizing data structures. This end-to-end IT modernization solution puts customers in a position to succeed now and optimize for the future.

Cloud Services: Whether the business outcome is to reduce hardware costs or comply with migrations of applications to an approved DoD, Civilian or Commercial cloud, Chameleon possesses the experience to successfully migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Services include Cloud & Cloud Migratory Advisory, Infrastructure Management, and Network Engineering.

Managed Services: Chameleon is known for recruiting sought-after IT employees across the country from a wide range of backgrounds, including many with Top-Secret government security clearances, and leveraging their strengths into successful teams that consistently make a difference in our nation’s security.

Network Engineering: Chameleon offers a suite of services to ensure the blocking and tackling work gets done, from network infrastructure installation and management to network monitoring and patch management. Its network engineering group can assist with wireless and virtual network needs, as well as help design and implement enterprise voice-over-internet protocol (eVoIP) systems. Services include Enterprise Network Monitoring, Patch Management, Configuration Management, Cabling & Network Installation, VPN, VDI and SDN, eVoIP and Information Security Continuous Monitoring.

Chameleon has developed an internal Performance Success Measurement system which involved the creation of more than 4,000 assessments of 900+ controls used to support the Department of Defense’s first ever cloud accreditation program. This has provided Chameleon a clear advantage in competing for Defense contracting opportunities.

Chameleon recently designed and implemented an automated ITSM solution as part of a system modernization and improvement program for a large federal government agency that utilized innovative network and server technologies to stabilize a problematic network. The changes were accomplished over a few months and saved the agency money, enhanced service management operational results and moved the services team from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment. The Chameleon team’s hands on experience with server hardware and software provided the experience necessary to correct major issues with the shared drives that were causing numerous drive outages. Correcting the issues stabilized the shared drives and essentially eliminated the outages. There have been no issues for the past two years.

Chameleon is rapidly expanding its company footprint by bringing its lessons learned and best practices to an increasing customer base of new and different government agencies. The company’s goal is to be the obvious go-to partner for the services it provides.

Chameleon responds to its customers IT challenges with a unique approach that is built around one set of goals: to help customers Prepare, Protect, Prosper.

Prepare focuses on IT system modernization. Protect focuses on Cybersecurity. Prosper focuses on Continuous Improvement.