10 Most Inspiring CEO's to Watch in 2020

10 Most Inspiring CEO's to Watch in 2020

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FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is a U.S. Manufacturer of load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, multi-axis sensors and related instruments and software.

DC Risk Solutions

Shawn Evans, an industry expert of 25 years, founded DC Risk Solutions (DCRS) in 2000. Drawing on his unique background in healthcare finance, together with over seven years in the London reinsurance market, Shawn helps clients develop financial and insurance solutions.


etherFAX designs and develops secure online fax services and communications. We work every day to change the way enterprise organizations send and receive information, and to create fax solutions for small businesses


CEdge Software Consultants, an innovative IT consulting firm and a strategic business partner, offers IT solutions to federal and state government, as well as to commercial enterprises throughout the United States. CEdge combines knowledge, experience and professionalism to offer a variety of solutions for your IT needs.


Trendrating was created to provide better tools to maximize investment performance and improve risk control. We bring additional intelligence and measurable value to the existing decision processes.

Managing Information Systems 3 (MIS3 Inc.)

Managing Information Systems 3 (MIS3 Inc.) is a business consulting and technology partner focused on computer systems consisting of hardware and software that serve as the backbone of an organization’s operations.


The mission of MicroCFD is to bring affordable aerodynamic flow simulations to the desktop computers of engineers, students, and hobbyists, while providing an educational experience. An ergonomically designed software interface, combined with narrated video tutorials, should enable even the most inexperienced user to setup and run a flow simulation in a matter of minutes.


CareGo is a technology business based in Burlington, Ontario. The company provides products and services that enable manufacturers such as steel mills, steel service centers and pipe and tube mills, to utilize automation to move, store and retrieve their heavy products.

APG Neuros

Founded in 2005, APG-Neuros is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high-efficiency turbo blower technology to the water and wastewater treatment market in North America and Europe, modernizing and bringing a much-needed change to the existing aging industry.

BIT Solutions LLC

BIT Solutions, LLC has been around in various forms and names since the 1980’s, and began as a provider of custom software solutions supporting business integration and automated business solutions.