Neil Mistry | Founder & CEO | Managing Information Systems 3 (MIS3 Inc.)

Neil Mistry | Founder & CEO

Mis3 inc., the brand, stands for business transformation through it modernization. it’s why we exist, it’s our mission.

"A True Visionary"

Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO at Managing Information Systems 3 (MIS3 Inc.) is a visionary when it comes to how business and technology should align. He had a vision while in his previous role around “Business Transformation Through IT Modernization” and shared it with his clients who told him, “you need to start this organization and we will support you”. “We are solving the challenge for businesses around how to Securely Digitally Transform to reimagine their business,” says the pioneering leader.“MIS3 Inc., the brand, stands for business transformation through IT modernization. It’s why we exist, it’s our mission—to be a strategic business and technology partner for our clients to help them transform and reimagine their business model through the adoption of our IT Modernization framework.”

The IT Modernization framework has an Application Centric philosophy allowing any organization of any size to adopt, globally, if they truly want to achieve Secure Digital Transformation. This framework is supported by New and Emerging Next Generation technologies because legacy technologies cannot help companies Securely Digitally Transform.

Self-inflicted change

Neil began speaking to his customers more intimately to understand why the shift in IT spend was happening, and changed his consultative account management approach. In doing so, he realized that how one spoke to companies about technology had to be different, so Neil created a proprietary five-step methodology that we termed “IT Modernization Framework,” the core to Business Transformation Through IT Modernization which became his & MIS3’s mantra. This methodology and IT modernization approach allowed any organization in the world to build and execute against a roadmap towards achieving Secure Digital Transformation. “For eight years before I launched MIS3, I had been creating this methodology and whiteboarding it to CIO’s CISO’s VP of IT and others all over Canada,” adds Neil.

Today, customers are seeking a new IT strategy and service delivery model that meets business needs and drives business outcomes on demand. The desire from a customer view to find and work transparently with a next generation business / technology partner focused on both business outcomes, and has the aptitude to understand and articulate the business value technology provides. Interpreting this information and mapping it directly to business objectives and goals is one of the prime areas MIS3 Inc. differentiates itself from the traditional VAR’s and SI’s in Canada.

Transforming businesses

To achieve business transformation, Neil says companies need to answer four core questions: – How will we as a corporation engage our customers / citizens? – How will we empower our employees? – How can we optimize existing processes and make them automated with technology? – How will we transform our brand and improve or reinvent the products and services we provide? “Once the business can answer the above MIS3 Inc. IT Modernization framework will enable you to leverage the appropriate next generation technologies and strategies to execute against that business vision,” he explains. “When we talk about business transformation through IT modernization, we focus a lot of time on the business transformation piece.” But digital transformation is something every business in the world is going through. Business transformation is all about reimagining business and understanding how it will be operated. It is not the tech that is important, but rather the business value the technology represents.

What MIS3 offer its clients?

MIS3 solutions focus on three core practice areas:

  • The first area is next-gen infrastructure— invisible infrastructure. This means it’s not the infrastructure that is important, it’s the application, and infrastructure should be there to let the application run, similar to a smart phone or tablet.
  • The second area is next-generation cybersecurity, focused on five guiding principles that make MIS3 unique in their approach.
  • Third area is Next-Generation IT Operations. Reducing manual intervention and simplifying IT daily operations. Moving towards AI, machine learning and behavior rather than mundane daily tasks. Adopting a simplistic IT architecture strategy initially will help companies reduce IT Operational complexity

Focused on helping clients reduce their technology footprint and moving towards IT operational simplicity, MIS3 Inc. specialization is centered in providing innovative disruptive technologies that have business relevance for every organization. “Achieving business transformation through IT modernization is hard, and not possible today without partnering with New and Emerging Next Generation technologies focusing on Next Generation Infrastructure, Cyber Security and IT Operations,” says Neil. “MIS3 Inc. will continue to provide new and emerging next gen next technologies with a business purpose aligned to our message, “Business Transformation Through IT Modernization” and enhance our virtual consulting practice.”