Paul Banco | CEO & Co-Founder | Etherfax

Paul Banco | CEO & Co-Founder

We foster a great working environment and encourage everyone to collaborate and recommend ideas and new ways to help make the company more efficient and keep our customers happy

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"Replacing Fax with etherFAX"

Paul Banco, CEO & Co-Founder of etherFAX, is a visionary, who along with his partners identified the need to leverage the cloud for secure document delivery. etherFAX has redefined fax as it is known today. For over 60-plus years, fax has remained the same in terms of the transport. To this day, fax remains the king in healthcare, yet, antiquated transports such as analog and FOIP have been the bottleneck in advancement. Poor resolution, slow transmit times, and the lack of security are major pitfalls. However, fax continues to be the ideal document delivery method because of its ease of use and penetration within the market. This is why there is still a fax server and/or machine in every organization today and etherFAX’s technology provides new ways for fax to drive business-critical workflows.

Paul started etherFAX with a radical vision that would disrupt the status quo, replacing existing telephony infrastructure with the Internet, which at the time, was not widely accepted. It was a herculean task to educate the market and change the mindset engrained over decades. Today, 11 years since the launch, etherFAX has five patents for its technology that leverages the Internet to send and receive all types of documents. “Our patent portfolio spans encryption, native document delivery and secure content transfer. As a result, etherFAX is now the new way to fax and is a global brand widely used in key industries,” says Paul.

“etherFAX solutions are the right choice for companies because of the security, support for high-resolution documents, end-to-end encryption, and platform and device agnostic capabilities,” explains the pioneering leader. One of greatest features of etherFAX is that the current workflow does not change at all hence there is no requirement to retrain users. Organizations can utilize existing infrastructure and investments while increasing productivity and leveraging all of the features available in etherFAX’s solutions that bridge the gap between fax and secure document delivery.

etherFAX created DIRECTFAX and the Fax Federation to allow organizations to securely exchange unstructured data. Their public APIs, including encryption libraries, have been made available to all of their customers, partners and competitors. “We have an ecosystem of over six million endpoints and over four million connected endpoints within healthcare alone,” says Paul. “Our technology allows for us to create partnerships with companies in almost every space including artificial intelligence (AI).” While 100% interoperability between EHRs still has a long way to go, the company has addressed the needs of data exchange today while developing for the future. Every day, thousands of companies large and small rely on etherFAX to exchange business-critical data and protected health information (PHI). While their technology is transparent to users, it plays a significant role in exchanging all types of documents, information and content. Utilizing the Internet, they have built a vast ecosystem that continues to grow, making etherFAX the standard for fax.

etherFAX continues to evolve and today they are well-positioned to be the hub that provides secure document delivery and content across a broad range of disparate devices, applications and technologies. In healthcare, they make it easy for hospitals, clinics and insurance companies to send and receive PHI securely, providing timely patient treatment and services. The company recently launched integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, mobile, and AI applications, and their road map includes many other services currently in development. “We foster a great working environment and encourage everyone to collaborate and recommend ideas and new ways to help make the company more efficient and keep our customers happy,” adds Paul.