Top 10 Defense Solution Providers of 2021

Top 10 Defense Solution Providers of 2021

Project Listings

Space Information Labs

Incorporated in 2005, Space Information Laboratories (SIL) is a California-based small business that develops, manufactures, and environmentally qualifies flight unit products for launch vehicles, missiles, hypersonic vehicles, reentry vehicles, aircraft, and UAS.

EXB Solutions

Founded in 2000, EXB Solutions serves the Aerospace, Defense & Medical Technology Industries with systems engineering and embedded software development services for safety and mission-critical projects

Citadel Defense

Citadel Defense provides digital, on-demand anti-drone tools for the military, business, and commercial industries.

Innovative Defense Technologies

IDT is on a mission to deliver disruptive innovation with discipline…dramatically improving the quality and accelerating the delivery of capabilities to the warfighter.


Data Systems Analysts, (DSA) has been offering mission-driven Information Technology and advisory technologies and services to Defense and Federal Government clients for more than 50 years.


We provide unconventional solutions utilizing operationally relevant SME’s in concert with a well-developed understanding of the federal marketplace to solve and execute the nation’s most critical missions.

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace is disrupting the UAS space by designing cost-effective fully electric zero-emissions AI-powered unmanned aircraft with infinite airborne endurance, focused on a heritage of safety, stability, and technological advancement.


One Stop Systems’ high performance computing appliances can add tremendous compute power and vast amounts of flash storage for many defense and intelligence applications.


Rippleworx will work with you to discover the facts about the current situation and decide the most appropriate steps to take in order to develop a community that is sustainable, robust, and high-performing for your whole company.


We develop and manufacture innovative products, bringing global armies and law enforcement agencies to the next level of operational performance.