Fatema Hamdani | CEO & Founder |  Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Fatema Hamdani | CEO & Founder

“ our technology is a breakthrough for modern aviation and autonomous robotics and can be adapted to revolutionize how we build the airplanes of tomorrow ”

"Develops Autonomous Persistent Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial System"

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace is disrupting the UAS space by designing cost-effective fully electric zero-emissions AI-powered unmanned aircraft with infinite airborne endurance, focused on a heritage of safety, stability, and technological advancement. The company’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are a first in the world for fully enduring aerial capabilities, revolutionizing how we perform nonstop airborne services. The business imitates nature by using onboard AI to glide through the air quietly like a bird and produce renewable onboard electricity using solar power. “Our technology is a breakthrough for modern aviation and autonomous robotics and can be adapted to revolutionize how we build the airplanes of tomorrow.” says Fatema Hamdani, Founder and CEO. The organization will help address large-scale global challenges by supplying continuous overhead resources to keep our troops secure in theatre, providing swift emergency coordination for disaster recovery operations, enabling search-and-rescue services to aid emergency response efforts, and assisting anti-poaching efforts to protect the world’s most endangered species. The company creates fully electric pseudo-satellites and Unmanned Aerial Systems with a long endurance (UAS). We are ushering in a new age of unmanned aircraft and airborne systems with the company’s technology.

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace’s cutting-edge technology mimics birds soaring long distances, controls battery systems, and increases flight performance with on-board AI and advanced autopilot technology. Kraus Hamdani Aerospace’s systems stay in the air longer and travel further to provide essential data while tackling global networking concerns. 

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace offers ‘Smart Persistent’ Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance’ (SPISR), and ‘Smart Persistent Inspection, Surveillance, and Monitoring’ (SP-ISM) as a service. Wide-area aerial systems are offered by the organization to warfighters, federal and foreign governments, law enforcement, and commercial organizations. Kraus Hamdani Aerospace is developing troposphere and stratosphere aerial technology to enable global connectivity and insights, enhancing life on Earth and beyond.

Unmanned aerial vehicle developer specializing in long-range, unrestricted airborne capability at medium and high altitudes. The company’s drones use a variety of energy sources to stay airborne indefinitely, including solar, nuclear, and thermal energy. They can be used for intelligence, surveillance, and observation operations, electronic warfare, radio relay, or some other function, allowing military and security forces to locate and annotate artefacts, quantify speed and trajectories, and compute goals. The organization assists in serving the warfighter and changing the balance of force in theatre by offering persistent sensing capabilities and operational communications.

Sagetech Avionics, a technology company providing safety solutions for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, a UAS technology company, announced that they have completed the integration of Sagetech’s UAV transponders with the world’s leading open source autopilot, ArduPilot. The two companies successfully tested the new integration onboard the K1000 Ultra Long Endurance (K1000ULE) UAV, the world’s longest endurance, fully electric aircraft in its size and weight category.

Through the partnership with Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, Sagetech adds ArduPilot support to its extensive list of autopilots that natively integrate with its XP Series of UAV transponders. Instructions for integrating Sagetech transponders with ArduPilot-based UAVs are available on the ArduPilot website.