Christopher Williams | CEO | Citadel Defense

Christopher Williams | CEO

“ we think of our customers as partners and collaborate with them to keep their most important assets protected “

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Citadel Defense

"Develops Automated, On-Demand Counter Drone Solutions for Military"

Citadel Defense provides digital, on-demand anti-drone tools for the military, business, and commercial industries. Citadel’s technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to target individual drone threats and swarms with surgical precision, reducing collateral damage to communications and the environment. Citadel’s Titan system was the first C-sUAS system planned and built to satisfy essential operator standards such as autonomy, ease of use, and multi-domain relevance. The company’s Titan CUAS system has gained TRL9 status with over 250 Titan units deployed across 13 countries. Titan has been recognized as the chosen radiofrequency sensor for standalone and combined CUAS defenses as the world’s smartest and most powerful drone jammer. The United States Special Forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the Departments of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, and Oil, as well as stadium support personnel, airport controllers, corporate protection services, and multinational military allies and secret government agencies, trust Citadel technology.

Citadel Defense creates automated antidrone technology that is trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking military, government, commercial, and international clients. Citadel Defense works with leaders of defense, administration, and business to address their most pressing problems. User-centric technologies that use artificial intelligence to make security smarter, more flexible, and reliable are provided by the firm. Citadel Defense was created in 2016 to protect individuals, property, and knowledge in the rapidly changing UAS industry. Working together, the government and private technology firms will develop high-quality technologies quicker while resolving valid protection, privacy, and security issues about the expansion of unmanned aircraft systems. Citadel Defense would be the preferred supplier of anti-drone technologies to military, government, and industrial customers around the world. “We think of our customers as partners and collaborate with them to keep their most important assets protected.” says Christopher Williams, CEO. With decades of experience in the aerospace, military, and technology markets, the company is made up of seasoned engineers, strategists, product managers, manufacturers, operators, and entrepreneurs. The business invests in research and development to deliver the right products to market that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Citadel defends troops from drone strikes, swarms, and enemy spying. The US Special Forces, Airmen, Sailors, and Army depend on Citadel’s CUAS system. Citadel defends high-value naval facilities and fleets from drone strikes. Citadel’s Titan is favored by US Navy operators due to its efficiency, ease of use, and versatility in meeting a variety of mission requirements. Citadel guards the country’s border against nefarious unmanned devices. Titan provides static, airborne, and dismounted force security for all phases of their task operations. Titan is a self-driving, AI-powered counter-drone system that forces drones to land safely without damaging local communications or electronics. Hundreds of government officials have checked Titan’s ability to produce “Best of Breed” anti-drone capabilities. Titan deploys a hemisphere of security well outside line of sight in under 5 minutes, with no need for operator testing or calibration. Titan’s autonomous service for the quickest C-sUAS reaction times is allowed by industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning. Citadel responds to new drone attacks in hours, not months or years, due to artificial intelligence and machine learning.