Dr. Anton Ravindran, Founder | GICT Training & Certification

Dr. Anton Ravindran, Founder

GICT is a pioneer in offering open-source technology-based (and vendor-neutral) certification programs in AI/Machine Learning, Big Data/Data Science, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

A Pioneer in Offering Open source technology based ICT Certification Programs in Data Science, IOT, AI & Cloud

The key challenges faced by employers are the lack of skills and expertise in Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics & Data Science in potential candidates. This requires a good foundation in quantitative skills in Mathematics and statistics and IT expertise in-order to fully leverage from Big Data technologies and associated tools that enterprises can leverage from.

Dr. Anton Ravindran, Founder of GICT, says “Data” is the modern-day fuel. “This may sound passe as there has been unabated exponential growth of data which has been unprecedented in the history. However, raw data is of little or no value. It is what you do with data matters,” he explains. “According to several studies and market reports, overall need for data professionals is climbing at nearly 30% year on year. There is a growing shortage of skilled data professionals—in the areas of data analysis, data mining, data warehousing, data management, data visualization, programming skills, familiarity with Cloud computing, AI and Machine learning and IOT—GICT programs are designed to focus on these areas and exposes the necessary software technologies and the fundamental concepts, theories and principles.”

GICT programs are offered through its Authorized Training Providers (ATP) in the region including Middle East. In Singapore, GICT Training programs are mapped to the National Infocom Skills Framework (SF) and funded by IMDA (CITREP+).

GICT’S programs are offered through its ATP network, including Mnosys Sdn Bhd (Penang), Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd (KL), in Hong Kong thru FTMS Training Systems (HK) Ltd., in the Philippines through Info Alchemy Pte Ltd, in Jordan through Int@J and Converged Technology, amongst others.

GICT’s target audiences are ICT professionals and University students. GICT delivers a wide array of competency-based NICF mapped courses where ICT professionals will acquire new ICT skills or hone their existing ICT capabilities. The NICF framework was developed to build deep skills for a lean workforce, enhance business competitiveness and support employment and employability. All their programs support job roles and skillsets for Big Data AnalystS, Business AnalystS, Data AnalystS, Data ScientistS, and Operations Research AnalystS, to name a few. globalicttraining.com

Dr. Anton says that there are numerous benefits of open-source technology-based (and vendor-neutral) certification programs in AI/Machine Learning, Big Data/Data Science, AI & Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). “Open-source Technologies have been around for more than 2 decades. Without it, today’s digital world would be very different. For example, there would not be Linux, Java, Word Press or Android applications,” elucidates Dr. Anton.

“Today, nearly 85% of all mobile phones in the world use Android which has grown from 3% in 2009. Similarly, nearly 30% of the websites in the world are based on Wordpress.” During the early days of Docker, developers didn’t see the real value. After Google decided to open-source their internal project, Borg, containers, and container orchestration has become mainstream in running systems in the Cloud and on-premises. Open-source software allows developers to modify and share the source code, which is available to the public, unlike proprietary software. “This means anyone can modify the software to their specific needs and do not have to depend on the vendor for an upgrade or new release. Open-source has fast become mainstream and is the future. Increasingly, Cloud, mobile, and Web applications are largely built on open-source. Today, many data and analytic solutions are only available in open-source,” adds Dr. Anton.

GICT has deep skills, expertise, and experience in the areas they focus on. Their courseware developers and trainers have PhDs and/or have been in the industry for years; their training and certification programs are application focused and participants during the program will undergo hands-on exposure to deploying solutions in real world scenarios.

Most importantly, they have always stayed ahead of the curve by leveraging from their experience and expertise and have been a pioneer in bringing to the industry the latest content and knowledge transfer in the areas of BI, Data Science as well as in AI/ ML, IoT, and Cloud. “We remain specialists and a pioneer in the region in knowledge transfer in the areas of these technologies driven by open-source based technologies, and we aim at doing more with our expertise,” adds Dr. Anton.

GICT are also focusing on AI for Cybersecurity as they have recently launched a new program and NOW HAVE had a global audience, including from the US. “We will continue to focus on our core expertise in these technologies and are committed to always introducing the latest in these technologies as the shelf life for technology is about 12-18 months at max,” explains Dr Anton. “Besides, we are working on offering some of these programs e-learning mode besides virtual delivery by trainers. We are also expanding our geographical footprint in the region through our network of Authorized Training Partners.”