Brian Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer, SlickText, brings a unique ability to strategize, understand market factors, and galvanize the company to provide the best experience possible for customers. His intelligence and wisdom are perfectly coupled with his drive for success and have helped SlickText determine the right path forward for profitable growth. He understands that building corporate culture is key to monetary success and makes SlickText an awesome place to belong. Let’s not forget— he’s amiable. Brian genuinely cares about his employees and trusts them to achieve the metrics required for success. 

These qualities have become even more crucial over the last year at SlickText as the company has seen phenomenal growth. “We’ve added 20 employees to our head count and expanded our corporate office in Nashville. With so many new people joining our team, optimizing our processes has been essential,” says Wilson. “We work hard to create simple sales strategies that our entire team can understand. It all starts with great training, which is why we’ve completely overhauled our onboarding process, creating a “SlickText Academy” that each new employee attends.” This helps them understand the “why” behind the processes from their first day, allowing the company to be decisive and organized.  

Wilson and his team are generating and retaining revenue across multiple channels with a long-term perspective rather than the short-term horizon usually embraced by sales departments. “For generating revenue, I believe you must take a horizontal approach to deeply understand the usecases for your solution, decomposing how customers are actually interacting with the application and ultimately deriving a benefit,” he explains. “Once a comprehensive understanding of use-case has been achieved, we look to the nuances of use and benefit induced by the industry in which our customer is participating. In this sense, we better understand what a non-profit may like or need compared to music or media publishers.” At that point, the team has deduced the “how” and “what” setting the stage for SlickText to communicate the “why” with the customers. “In order to increase retention, we’ve created a Customer Success function to organize the support of our customers throughout their journey. This allows us to effectively anticipate when our customers need our help and allows us to align our goals and objectives tightly with theirs. When our customers have success, so do we.”

We work hard to create simple sales strategies that our entire team can understand. It all starts with great training, which is why we’ve completely overhauled our onboarding process, creating a “SlickText Academy” that each new employee attends

There are three key indicators Wilson and his team regularly use to monitor the health of their sales and marketing productivity. The first is understanding their Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and comparing that to our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). “CLTV allows us to understand the value of a customer to us once in our portfolio. When comparing that against our CAC, which is a great measure of organizational energy required to acquire the customer, we can ensure we are spending appropriately to gain customers and that the ROI remains in bounds,” says Wilson. “The second key indicator is measuring how likely every dollar spent in sales and marketing is to generate profit over the next 12 months, known as the CAC Ratio.” This allows them to ensure they are efficient and accountable for their spending, focusing on growth and pruning spend with diminishing returns. The final key indicator is the company’s Customer Payback Period or CPP. This helps them understand how long a customer must remain a customer to be a profitable engagement for SlickText, which helps SlickText make better decisions on how to service their customers.  

It is pertinent to mention, SlickText is one of the earliest companies to make text message marketing communications accessible to business leaders from all industries. They are now leaders in the marketplace and attribute this success to their passionate customers. “We’re obsessive about making sure our customers are looked after and that our platform is meeting their needs. The industry is becoming more competitive, with new platforms constantly entering the space, but our customer-first focus and longevity have enabled us to remain strong leaders,” adds Wilson. “A major advantage we hold is that we have been researching and developing our product for many years, since 2012. That has given us a lot of time to learn the nuances of text message communications and what our customers need in every scenario.” SlickText continues to stay ahead of their competition by listening to customer feedback and developing additional features. They now have over 200 features that their customers can use to customize their texting campaigns.

SlickText is brimming with potential as the leader in a rapidly growing industry. “We’re amazed at the new ways text messaging is being used across many industries. To continue serving our customers and helping them adapt to the rapid changes, we’re going to keep doing what we do best— creating a feature-rich product that sets our customers up for success,” says Wilson. I