Top 10 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021

Top 10 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021

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Organizations today face the same type of challenge that they have had over the last two decades– streamlining processes, getting the maximum dollar for the rendered services, and cutting through complex payer contracts and adjudication processes.

Elite Billing And Coding

We partner with single practitioners to large practices and even Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Labs to improve internal processes, assist in growth and development of staff and providers and improve overall financial health of the business.


AcuteNet is not a traditional software programme that prescribes a series of predefined tasks for the user to perform.

Navitas Life Sciences

Accelerating access to better healthcare to people across the world with end-to-end clinical trial solutions for drug development needs and beyond. Building innovative solutions for the future.


ForaCare is a healthcare technology company dedicated to the design and development of medical devices and telehealth software as a means to provide a complete chronic disease management solution. The company specializes in diabetes, hypertension, COPD, and chronic heart failure.

Falckon Health

At Falckon, we work as a trusted advisor to our clients, using cutting-edge technology to transform the way that clients do their business. From streamlining processes to eliminating rework and waste, we help them achieve profitable growth in their practice sustaining transformative solutions.

Kainos Healthcare Solutions

Kainos Healthcare Solutions (Kainos) is an Information Technology company with a healthcare focus. Through the company’s experience in the healthcare field, Kainos has identified several needs in the small- to mid-sized clinical laboratory market.


We empower healthcare facilities and independent labs to capture the correct insurance, copay, and patient data right from the start so they can expedite billing and get reimbursed for all services performed.

Onyx Healthcare

Onyx Healthcare Inc. is a professional Medical IT company. The company’s commitment to the customers is to provide reliable and high-quality Medical PC solutions. In a short time, Onyx has grown to be one of the leaders in the professional Hospital / Clinical IT market under the brand “ONYX”.

Waveland Technologies

Waveland is an expert in procuring data from various industries and market places. We then repurpose the data for use by our customers for specific purposes within their applications, services, and client bases.