Onyx Healthcare Inc. is a professional Medical IT company. The company’s commitment to the customers is to provide reliable and high- quality Medical PC solutions. In a short time, Onyx has grown to be one of the leaders in the professional Hospital / Clinical IT market under the brand “ONYX”. The company provides a full line of medical products such as Medical Computing Stations, Medical Panel PCs, Bedside Infotainment System, Nursing Carts, and MTA (Mobile Telecare Assistant) systems.

Onyx Healthcare USA, with 20+ years of medical design experience, leverages embedded computing technology to design and manufacture medical-grade (UL/ EN60601) embedded boards and fanless medical AIO system platforms as the building block to medical device OEM and healthcare IT business.

“Our products offer the advantages of filmless and paperless interaction in the hospital environment and all our product solutions guarantee reliable quality. Recently, the company has received some notable awards such as the “Taiwan Excellence Award,” “Taiwan Superior Brand 2009”, and “Best Choice” product design.” says Chuang Yung-Shuen, CEO.

Onyx Healthcare is a subsidiary of ASUS with a 100% focus on servicing the medical device industry, and an ISO13485 certified device manufacturer specializing in custom designing and manufacturing 4th edition UL/ EN60601 certified medical computing platform, display, embedded controller, and high brightness LCD.

Competitive Design Cost & Rapid Prototyping, Shorten Design Cycle with Medical, Certified Computer Platform, OEM/ODM Customizable Computer Component,BIOS and Exterior, Local Customer Service, Technical Support, Product Development Center, Early Bird Project Registration Protection, PACS Medical Image Processing: Hardware/Software DICOM Compliant, Product Longevity Support for 5-7 Year, and Infection Control Design such as Fanless Design, IP65 (Front), IPX1 (Whole).

This innovative, truly ergonomic, and easy-to-maneuver medical cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment, independent screen positioning, side-to-side keyboard motion, and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.

In addition to basic medical cart features, the medical cart with drawer offers a drawer system that supports “Pharmacy Mode,” allowing all drawers to be unlocked simultaneously to facilitate efficient stocking of medication. Medical carts with drawers also equip auto-locking systems that offer simple and efficient medication management at the point-of-care; security systems store variable-length PINs for up to 1,000 users with StyleLink SKY software.

Through medication delivery cart systems, the integration of software and hardware functions increases nursing accuracy and efficiency. Medication delivery cart combines with VENUS embeds RFID to control electronic lock permission settings.

Orion is a complete software solution that allows users to access and monitor Onyx devices from the server to the software manager and client devices. This system works the same way as the email servers the company uses every day to communicate. Each ORION system has a single server that connects to nursing carts (clients) that push their information to the server. The software manager collects information on the server received from the nursing carts to perform further analysis like battery cycle count or capacity attenuation.

Onyx Medical Tablets are specially designed to streamline data exchange for EMS and hospitals.

With rugged features, high brightness LCD, and high- performance CPU, these tablets can be operated in harsh environments while delivering superb performance and a crystal clear image. Onyx Medical Tablets help eliminate medical paperwork by automating EMS and hospital workflows, allowing paramedics and nurses to instantly access and document patient records.