AcuteNet is not a traditional software programme that prescribes a series of predefined tasks for the user to perform. Instead, AcuteNet is a system that allows adaptive clinical evaluation through four developments. As a regular offering, the company has digitized a multitude of clinical assessment criteria and types such as interRAI Workflow Enabling Automation Instruments. As an additional deal, the company’s customers can decide how clinical assessment criteria and processes are to be digitized and how workflows are to be streamlined to satisfy their specific requirements. AcuteNet blends customer requirements with industry standards to offer customer-specific software as a Service Private Cloud- enabled solution that can be accessed via

AcuteNet architecture removes the need for an IT infrastructure. The business provides and supports clinical evaluation of digitalization and process automation through AcuteNet Private Cloud in the particular jurisdiction of the client, in full compliance with the requirements of Patient Health Information Privacy. 

The company platform allows web resources to be linked and incorporated into any database. The organization uses industry databases such as ICD (International Classification of Diseases) to provide safe and real-time access to clinical information. AcuteNet also accommodates two-way data interchange and one-way data interchange, allowing large corporate customers such as government agencies and insurance firms to completely manage the AcuteNet SaaS service as an extension to their corporate structures.

AcuteNet architecture is based on the Seven Principles of Privacy by Design with multiple layers of encryption, enabling for both online and offline access via any device. Through the secure design of the AcuteNet framework, AcuteNetSaaS capability is accessible by all mobile devices everywhere. The company Software as a Service capability is delivered through partnership across technology talent, open-source platform and secured private cloud infrastructure. AcuteNet’s sharing economy capability is rooted in industry standards enabling payers and providers with a fully integrated solution to deliver optimal patient care.

“As a learning organization, we pride ourselves in learning from every experience to improve our capabilities for our customers.” says Doug Barre, Chairman, AcuteNet. The organization has extreme regard for the challenges of the Healthcare Industry and are raising the bar every day by delivering technology capabilities that improve the daily lives of Frontline Health Care Providers. At the core of the organization’s corporate culture, AcuteNetr believes in holding each other to account for the actions and performance. Through re-use and standardization, the company delivers cost-effective results that improve the performance of Frontline Health Care Providers.

Through AcuteNet Software as a Service Technology framework, the company works with the customers, suppliers and industry sources to find new ways to improve Frontline Health Care Providers’ productivity. “Our innovative Software as a Service Technology framework enables us to improve the productivity of Frontline Health Care Providers with unlimited user access”, says Doug Barre, Chairman, AcuteNet.

The business has embraced the influence of Agile methodology within its organizational culture and believes in a common mission and purpose in every area of our work. Via agile partnership with each other and with customers, the organization provides efficient solutions that are of interest to customers.

“Our workforce is global and multicultural enabling us to live our values of diversity with respect and integrity.” Doug Barre, Chairman, AcuteNet.