Kainos Healthcare Solutions (Kainos) is an Information Technology company with a healthcare focus. Through the company’s experience in the healthcare field, Kainos has identified several needs in the small- to mid-sized clinical laboratory market. These needs include a lack of understanding of how a clinical laboratory business operates and a lack of talent to create and administer complex problems. The company provides the Laboratory Information System (LIS) support to fill these needs, including LIS procurement and installation oversight, LIS configuration, custom scripting, and interface setup and facilitation. Kainos offers process management and improvement for clients new to the clinical laboratory business or desiring help with unique situations requiring creative solutions. The company provides these services on an hourly or contract basis. Because Kianos has a multi-faceted team with expert knowledge in several areas, the company offers value to the customers who may otherwise have to hire several people to acquire the necessary talent to solve specific problems.

The company also identified several needs requiring software development in the clinical laboratory market. The company found a lack of customizable laboratory reporting options, a lack of automated quality tracking for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) laboratories, and a lack of new LIS products that contain modern features clinical laboratories desire. The company is currently working on software products to address these needs. Kianos created a custom laboratory reporting tool that can be used with virtually any LIS. Kianos also created an Internet-based quality tracking tool for CLIA laboratories. This tool is currently being beta tested at two sites. The creation of a state-of-the-art LIS is the next goal the company intends to reach.

Kianos has experienced staff with both Information Technology and Clinical backgrounds ready to meet any laboratory demands. “When you are trying to hire laboratory staff, validate new testing methods, and create laboratory workflow processes, the last thing you want to worry about is purchasing and deploying new technologies and hiring dedicated IT staff to maintain it.” says Craig Ray, Co-Founder, Kianos. Kainos Healthcare Solutions can help users with the purchase, deployment, documentation, project management, and maintenance of any system the users may need. The customers have already spent their time and money researching, calling, waiting for callbacks, but what the customers need is a solution, and that’s where Kainos can help.

Kainos Healthcare Solutions was able to determine exactly what features were needed and help create a lab workflow to determine the perfect system. Kainos Healthcare Solutions helped install, document, configure, train laboratory staff, and maintain the system while creating custom applications that fit their specific needs. The client was so pleased with the superior customer service Kainos Healthcare Solutions provided that they immediately hired us to continue supporting their long-term solution.

A laboratory, who, although satisfied with their LIS and outreach products, were having difficulties finding a reporting solution that would allow them to utilize their complex comment matrix but were unable to find the perfect product. While reaching out to other labs to determine what products they use, an existing client could refer them to Kainos Healthcare Solutions. Kainos Healthcare Solutions designed and developed the report the business needed and within the expected delivery date. Having been so impressed with the quality and timeliness of Kainos Healthcare Solutions, the clients have since hired us to continue working with them on interfacing all of their new billing and instrument interfaces.