Vital Metrix, is developing a patented data analysis solution to enable rapid and reliable non-invasive (after pending FDA clearance) measurement of cardiac flow and pressure parameters for use in physician offices and hospitals. Adoption of the Vital Metrix solution will enable physicians to more frequently evaluate and adjust treatment of their patients, which can lead to more cost-effective Heart Failure (HF) management.

More than 5,000,000 Americans are currently living with congestive heart failure, according to the CDC, and regions of the south-central US have some of the highest incidence rates in the country. More than a half-million new cases of Heart Failure are diagnosed each year and half of these patients die within 5 years of diagnosis. The costs associated with Heart Failure exceed $30 billion per year, and these costs are expected to more than double to $70 billion by the year 2030.

The Vital Metrix solution combines a non-invasive measurement of pulse pressure, the waveform captured by a pulse oximeter, and patented advanced signal processing to quickly measure the cardiac output and other cardiac parameters from the patient.

Post FDA clearance, the Vital Metrix measurement will be performed quickly with easy to use sensors which are; a Pulse Oximeter and Blood Pressure Cuff. The data collected will be sent to the Vital Metrix server. The patented algorithm will process the raw data into actionable information that can be used by physicians to adjust treatment for their patients.

The company offers Cardiology, Cardiac Output, Medical Technology, Medical Devices, Algorithms, Medical Software, Heart Failure, Congestive Heart Failure, Software Development, Engineering, Healthcare Industry, Scalability, Non-Invasive Solutions, Continuous Monitoring, Improving Patient Care, and Cost-Effective. Metrix has developed and tested a patented technology for performing non-invasive measurements of cardiac output for patient monitoring. Their method has accuracy that is comparable to the current “”gold standard”” invasive measurement that utilizes a Swan-Ganz catheter.

The Vital Metrix measurement is based on pulse oximeter technology, which is a mature measurement that is widely used in hospital settings and first responders. Vital Metrix utilizes information contained in the pulse oximeter waveform to extract the cardiac output as a readily measured vital sign that can be used for patient assessment and diagnosis.


Vital Metrix technology is at the intersection of two markets. The US invasive cardiac output measurement market is about $5B annually, and the US pulse oximetry market is about $1B annually. “We are honored to receive the MedTech Breakthrough award. It reinforces the company’s vision that frequent, non-invasive monitoring of heart failure patients is a key element of better management of this chronic disease that impacts millions of Americans, and millions around the world,” said Alton Reich, Vital Metrix founder and CEO. “The Vital Metrix team has spent almost 10 years developing this technology with the goal of helping patients and clinicians.”

Vital Metrix combines a non-invasive measurement of pulse pressure, the waveform captured by a pulse oximeter, and patented advanced signal processing to quickly measure cardiac output and other cardiac parameters from patient.