According to Tom Adams, Owner, Tiodize Co. the primary rule to becoming a successful entrepreneur is being honest. For Tom when you work hard and have dedication and passion, you are bound to reap rewards. “We have to ensure that alongside being honest you have to believe in yourself, enjoy what you do and have good people around you. These things matter when you are trying to navigate any industry and will also help you solve troubles in a streamlined manner.” Being ex-professional ballplayers, both Tom and his wife have travelled across the globe and met numerous people who helped Tom understand the value of communication and enhanced his capability to become a good listener.

The company was founded in 1966 by Thomas Adams to fill the need for a special coating to reduce galling and its associated effects on titanium parts used in high performance aircraft. This coating and method of application, now widely known as the Tiodize process, has been specified for use on practically every major space, military and commercial aircraft program since its introduction. We are dedicated in developing quality products that industry needs. Tiodize has over 100 different products and Tiodize process is one of them, which is the anodizing of Titanium.

According to the pioneering leader,every industry has a need that involves lubrication, wear and corrosion. They all have different requirements such as temperature, use in vacuum, wear life and other problems. But the key here is to be able to discuss the problems with their engineers and run tests to verify the product meets the needs of the client, “this is very important. We have to listen to what the client’s issues are and then solve that problem in the best way possible,” adds Tom.

Today with rapid acceptance of the Tiodize Process one can see the beginning of intensified research and the development of solid film lubricants. “Research and development have been slowed ever since the Apollo was put to rest. But, today because of the Space movement, research has resurfaced,” explains Tom.“The new research and development that the Moon and Mars projects will bring,will change the world as we know it.” The company has some of the most renowned clients in numerous industries which include Space X, G.E., Northrop, Boeing, Lockheed, NASAto name a few.

However, one can say that the day never ends for the steadfast leader, “I’ve heard that word unwind, but I never knew what it meant,” says Tom. “When I leave Tiodize after a day’s work, I go home to my wonderful wife and helpher with her business, which is Women’s Major League Softball International, which she isthe agent for players wishing to play professional softball in Japan.When we are not doing that, we’re at the Angeles, Lakers or Ducks games. Then there is the gym, when we can fit it in.”

For the days to come, Tiodize is looking towards developing new products. “When the Covid-19 hit the USA,we decided to make our own hand sanitizer to help our employees stay safe, along with giving it to our friends, fire department and police in Huntington Beach,” says Tom.“Then we decided to make a disinfectant and degreaser to help clean the virus.Now it may become a new product line for us. This of course, is in between developing new coatings for Space projects! We want to continue innovating in the best way possible for our clients.”