Sean Bledsoe, CEO and President of Healthy Plus states that Healthcare is a right but it is the responsibility of people to do the best they can to understand and prevent their projected health risks. With that in mind Healthy Plus was created to serve as the “GAP” company that understands what the doctor’s needs are as well as the patient needs but just as importantly become an ally of the insurance company providing benefits. “This is probably the most important part because in many cases Insurance companies get a bad rap in regarding covering it’s beneficiaries,” says Sean. “As we studied the Healthcare industry the outlier was simple, the 75 percent of the country find out about their Health Risks later than they could have.”Healthy Plus system was designed first to educate the patient on the need to understand what their predictive risks are and gear their lifestyle towards mitigating those risks.

Healthy Plus system was developed to gather patient wellness survey data and provide a projected Risk assessment with Recommended Actions to take to mitigate these detected Risks. Why is this important? In many cases the doctor is aware of some of the predictive risks but the Healthy Plus1 system identifies up to 400 medical data points to give the doctor and the patient a more complete over view of your Risks. This concept was built to be a positive process fora reduction in the doctors work-load, the patient being made more aware of the health risks meant to take actions to increase healthier living and the insurance provider sees risk mitigated and sky rocking health-cost are contained.

“Healthcare in our country is one of the best systems in the world, the one issue we have never truly dealt with at full scale is the lifestyle of a preventative mind set for all people domestic or abroad,” adds the steadfast leader. Healthy Plus looks at healthcare through three lenses:

1. The patient or employee—they need to be educated and re-educated on the importance of lifestyle and disease management. 2. The doctor—globally the population is rapidly outgrowing the amount of doctors and nurses the system is built to help the workload but also encourage more growth in the healthcare industry. 3. Insurance companies—Healthy Plus is in full agreement with the carrier to make sure the insured is doing the most they can to live a healthier lifestyle. “The difference is we are inserting ourselves into the patient’s lives to ensure a higher level of preventative actions. We are re-shaping the culture of prevention through an e-health platform,” says Sean.

Enhancing Wellness

Healthy plus was built to follow the Preventative Guidelines created by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services. The biggest issue is preventive the risk each person may have, but when added this element of additional people engagement then people can add more workload to the doctor and his staff. Alongside, even more prevalent in the world of Corporate Wellness

the ability of creating a healthy work environment seems to be the mirage that most companies are selling. These companies offer self-initiated programs that are filled with check-mark incentives that focus on tasks being fulfilled rather than understanding the health risks for each employee who participates. Healthy plus program offers these problem-solving points:

1. They offer a Health Coach (nurse level) who builds a customized plan to teach the entire work environment the importance of risk prediction. 2. They offer programs for both insured employees and un-insured employees. 3. As they risk predict Healthy plus offers the electronic secured delivery of the risk predictor report to the employee’s doctor, if the employees don’t have a doctor, a Health Coach works with the employee to search or the right in-network doctors.

Healthy plus’s current system solves a major issue for doctors, via their automated Risk predictor report. “The report is instantly available from our software solution. Our medical algorithms were built with the help of our medical advisory team. This reduces the work of the doctor by 15% per Wellness Patient,” explains Sean. “Most importantly it gives a more complete “menu” of Risk that are potentially going to be present in the patient life if they are not already.” Example the doctor may already know the patient has headaches once a week, but they may not know that the patient A1C levels have risen to predict pre-diabetes, or that the patient depression levels have risen. And, the biggest advantage is the doctor doesn’t have to perform the Wellness visit this can be completed by a Certified Medical assistant or LPN, being provided by Healthy plus. “We have several ways of making sure the Risk reports for each patient are securely added to the patients EMR chart as well,” adds Sean.

Towards the Future

The Healthy plus team is working on a very unique partnership with several prospective company’s in India, this looks like these partnerships would be structured similar to their partnership they recently completed with Athena Health. “Our attraction from hospitals overseas is growing as well. With our software ability to immediately Risk predict and move patients into Virtual Care management we are adding value to the growth other countries are having in the E-health sector,” adds Sean. “We are moving into these opportunities at the right time.” The company is in the process of building an app to create more opportunity for Wellness Exams and tracking as well. “We anticipate once this app is in circulation, we will set the standard for Preventative are through a Virtual Platform. This will early detect diseases and prevent people from getting sicker all over the world,” asserts Sean