Jeneth D’Alonzo, CEO at DMSI International has always believed that in order to be successful in anything one needs to have faith which is also her foundation, perseverance which is her drive and Self-discipline. “Those are the three key ingredients that makes me successful. Whatever situations I am into I keep my faith alive it is the substance that keeps me standing on solid ground. My faith is what empowers me to believe in the impossible,” adds Jeneth. “Even if the odds are against me, I do not give up I keep on moving forward. I persevere until such that I know my goal is met. I am not the person that will easily give up, I might falter at times, but I don’t believe in giving up.” Alongside being a woman of faith, Jeneth is also a dedicated wife, mother, as well as an Entrepreneur. “I believe that greatness is in all of us and we need to learn how to tap that trait. You do that by disciplining your mind and body,” explains the steadfast leader. “I start my day at 4:30 am every day without failure in the gym and preparing myself for the day ahead—emotionally, physically, and spiritually—I follow this self-discipline every day, so it becomes habit, second nature.” Jeneth makes it a point to always be on the move because, “I do not believe in sitting idle. I am constantly moving forward, growing, learning, and ultimately achieving. You cannot grow by sitting you have to be moving all the time!”

Through the pursuit of innovation and advanced technology with world class customer service, Jeneth has become one of the leaders in offering high quality fiber optic connectivity products. How did she achieve it you ask? “I surround myself with dedicated team members who aspire to be part of a company that is larger than themselves. My team here at DMSI is unified and focused in our goals and objectives,” says Jeneth. “This company focuses on quality of product combined with award winning customer service. This is achieved by creating a work environment tailored to help everyone as a team to all row together to success.”

Owning the Core

Unlike the low-quality imports found commonly today, DMSI International is creating a difference with manufacturing their products using verified and traceable components from known American manufacturing companies. “A few years ago we made the strategic business decision to shift aspects of our Supply Chain from an outsource model to a more robust American Made product. Changing our business philosophy we also changed our companies motto and Trademarked that motto: ‘Owning the Core’ which means that the more direct control we have over the raw materials used in our products, the better control we will have over quality and price,” explains Jeneth. “We positioned ourselves for the future and will continue to further our directive to be a full American made solution to our customers.” DMSI International builds their customer service on the theme “bombard our customers with data”; give it to them before they even ask. Hence, the company prides them selves to be ahead of the game and not behind the curve.

Today, DMSI International is a true custom manufacturer. Customers can come to them with unique configurations that they cannot find anyone to make. “We work with them on Engineering, testing that design, and implementing the Industrial Engineering to manufacture such product,” says Jeneth. And imparting her secret to success to the future entrepreneurs she says, “seizing your dreams is not a simple task, but I say this to all of you have defined goals in place to reach your dreams. It is also important to have a supportive partner and surrounding yourself with good honest people to help you climb the mountain.” For Jeneth her faith is her foundation, hence she guides everyone to not live their lives in shadows, but rather believe in oneself to achieve all possibilities in life, “Your life has significance. Let your light shine!” she adds.

Towards the Future

As the industry is constantly growing due to demand of data and technologies, Jeneth foresees a great future with DMSI. With that demand are the needs of their company to adapt and prepare for the future, and DMSI is constantly evolving and preparing themselves for wherethey see the technology heading. They are also expanding their manufacturing operations to include Plastic molding, Sheet metal fabrication, and developing some of our own unique products specific to our industry. Their engineering team here has been challenged with developing the next generation of Fiber Connectivity. “We do not strive to be in the middle of the pack. We are constantly looking for ways to strive to the forefront; to be innovative with the ability to be nimble and quick toward new products,” She adds.

But, one of the major challenges Jeneth is facing right now is the effect of the COVID- 19 on the economy and the effect on business and employees. But she advises not to succumb to fear and to learn that there is value in every struggle. “We strive each day to be open to continue even if it seems that the odds against us are overwhelming. If I speak of faith then more than ever this is the time that I need to show in action how bold my faith is. I have a lot of employees that depend on my decisions and their livelihood through DMSI,” says the pioneering leader. “I am not going to fail. I will continue to find ways we can operate in this current climate. I will continue to work because I do believe that the storm that this COVID -19 brought is temporary and those that stand strong will reap its harvest.”