DevOps is the evolution of things. It combines best practices from several thinking systems and World Beating Automation. It is designed to allow people in the company to innovate and apply knowledge to decision-making at a previously impossible pace. Ranger4 is Europe’s leading supplier of DevOps evolution services, helping deliver quality applications quickly and securely. The company’s award- winning E3 service suite makes it easier than ever for the customers to discover, inform, and grow their company and its people to deliver lower costs and higher profits through impressive employee engagement and motivation levels. Since 1991, the company has been active in helping entities gain benefits from the correct and valid use of technology in some form or another. The company has identified a niche to help determine where, when, and how to start, how to make a gradual evolutionary change, and sustain momentum. Ranger 4 claims that progress comes from tools that help organizations push the needle to their DevOps maturity using their capital.

Expressing Cultural Dimension in the Work Process

At Ranger4, the organization has a very strong focus on the cultural dimensions of DevOps-a missing piece of the puzzle for many of its clients and also a primary inhibitor of progress. This has come about because the company has repeatedly heard that their clients are struggling with their cultural challenges. Ranger 4 has also built a suite of resources to help resolve connectivity, teamwork, lack of accountability, and the bureaucracy that companies have to deal with daily. The company also has a strong business dimension in the strategy that allows companies to be value-driven and connect business and IT.

When Ranger 4 interacts with an organization’s discovery designed to determine where the capabilities of DevOps will start, the company starts with the organizational why and ensures that a collection of metrics that matter to the business is created. DevOps toolchains seldom have a support desk, security is often an afterthought, and Ops staff often do not feel like they have a part to play in the Scrum process. Ranger 4 carefully chose its partners based on customer reviews and a strong track record of working together and real business value. Ranger 4 lets customers create the DevOps Loop and allows them to calculate and monitor the product’s cost across the creation and delivery process and report on the real business value. It’s hard to describe what DevOps looks like when it’s done, but the life goal for Ranger 4 is to be in a position where an organization can measure the cost of an idea from start-up to production and report back to business. The organization calls this Ideation for Realization and describes it using the DevOps Loop. The organization is a DevOps specialist, focused on delivering solutions that enable continuous delivery through application release automation, test integration and service virtualization and application performance management. The organization’s primary specialties are passionate about making life on earth fantastic, working smarter with DevOps and cloud solutions, application infrastructure, application lifecycle management, application performance management, and application release automation.