Krish Krishnan | Founder & President | Sixth Sense Advisors

Krish Krishnan | Founder & President

"in any program or partnership, my rulebook is transparency and servant leadership, which is very clearly expressed to all team members"

"Offering Data-centric Transformation"

Many leaders like to follow a role model and often take it in their own stride to succeed but can you take a Steve Jobs or a Larry Page or a Bill Gates? Chances are rare for duplication. Servant leaders are natural born facilitators who can lead and transform a big team over a period of time.

Servant Leadership is the holy grail that Krish Krishnan, Founder & President of Sixth Sense Advisors has followed to ensure a successful entrepreneurship. “I have been able to do this many times and seen and enjoyed the results,” he says. “In any program or partnership, my rulebook is transparency and servant leadership, which is very clearly expressed to all team members. We all take a 360-degree evaluation and lessons learned for optimization leading to a trusted team.”

Krish is an astute technology leader, and has a unique skill to merge business and technology together and provide executive answers with clarity and technology the right place in a given situation. He has been practicing “data science” before it was called the same and has taught the same as course at many conferences. This unique quality of his provides business leaders a trusted technology adviser who speaks their language while technology leaders like him as their terms and conditions become an easy executive speak.

The steadfast leader incorporated Sixth Sense Advisors as an independent technology analyst company providing vendor agnostic technology analysis and viewpoints. A few early partners provided opportunities to do “data consulting”, which in 2006 was an unheard term. The fruits of that pursuit and its outcomes led to setting up consulting and innovation services of the company and through worldwide partnerships and independent consulting they have accomplished a successful tenure.

The company has addressed the data-centric transformation journey for numerous customers and have made a positive impact on the industry. In an instance, one of the customers of Sixth Sense Advisors, a large healthcare company who was going through a large merger and was worried about analytics and its performance. Their question was the integrated data stack is large and how to make it run analytics? Sixth Sense Advisors implemented their solution to execute the analytics on a Teradata appliance solution with SAS models running inside the database. The analytical models refreshed in under two hours on about 3TB of data that was refreshed every day, and this resulted in a satisfied and happy client with the revolutionizing results.

Today Sixth Sense Advisors has culminated into an innovative partner with deep experience in applying technologies and solutions to deliver the business transformations and efficiencies. For Krish life is a journey and one can get to learn from every moment. “I was blessed to work with Bill Inmon and that experience provided so many lessons in transforming from traditional methods to agile, discovering dependencies, leveraging SAP, looking under the hood  inthe database, leveraging filesystem technology, deep into the google search engine and many more,” says Krish. “Combining all these experiences into transformative consulting and solutioning to deliver worldwide success and continued teaching of the same has been avery thrilling experience.”

Recently, Krish had the privilege to work on a solution that has been implemented and is in use at the world’s largest hospital. “We implemented digital solutions for tracking and tracing ventilators and supply chain systems were integrated to provide data to report and analytics platforms to look at rear-view and front-view any time,” he explains. “We have provided so many solution options for telehealth and improved the availability of information to the patient and physician simultaneously, resulting in some fascinating channels opening up in the longer terms.”

Sixth Sense Advisors is working towards their mission statement of delivering efficiency with innovative transformation diligently. Efficiency is a never-ending journey for the company and in software today with microservices and serverless architectures being the norm, getting Kubernetes orchestration to scale-up and scale- down on demand has changes the concept of efficiency.


“I like to measure efficiency from design to deployment and beyond. This is where true optimization occurs. In my career so far, we have had efficiencies delivered where we improved operations by 70 percent and quality by 40percent,” says Krish. “There are several techniques to do this and we should be ready to get measured and listen to the performance and efficiency areas. Each time we improve efficiency we deliver transformation and this is clear to the end consumer as they get results as expected and in the time. The biggest contribution to this journey is from the Open Source software industry.”

For the days to come, Sixth Sense Advisors is aiming at delivering transformations and successful data solutions. These solutions will be focused on data as the center of the universe and aligning technology products to provide capabilities as required. “My personal wish is to introduce a data centric methodology that will be used for many years to come as we evolve and the infrastructure portion is ready and cybersecurity is growing every day, this will be cool when released,” says Krish. “I have written about 7 books including a contributing author to DAMA DMBOK 2.”