Annette Nolan, Founder and CEO at Carts Blanche is a creative dreamer, a visionary and believes that where there is a will there’s a way. She did the hard work necessary to push beyond barriers, naysayers and business fatigue. “I have stayed absolutely confident that even though we were ahead of the times with the introduction of VendaCarts that time would catch up and so it has.” Initially she set out to design a concession trailer for people with disabilities. During the research, development and design phase Annette quickly realized that she needed an alternative way to serve the customers more product options without the need for additional employees. “I then began learning all I could about the vending industry and found that the catering and concession industries had never expanded into automated retail and vending had never developed operations beyond brick and mortar locations,” says Annette. “VendaCarts is a new age way to bridge the gap between these industries while delivering robotic convenience retail to the masses.”

Not only did Annette accomplish the goal of the first ever designed vending trailer for the disability market but she expanded opportunities for three industries (catering, concession and vending) to utilize automated retail in a whole new way. VendaCarts is the result of hard work and an honorary degree in “Patient Persistence”. “Our VendaCarts mobile automated retail stores are themselves the perfect solution for delivering any product at any time to any location where people live, work and play,” says Annette. She has added as part of their Covid-19/ solutions options several new products:

1. Plexiglass pull out shields used between machines to separate the customers for safer service options;

2. Antimicrobial film that can be applied to the front of the vending machines plus the retrieval bin for a greater level of product protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for very long periods of time;

3. Hand Sanitizer -automatic and battery operated;

4. PPE vending machines;

5. Touch free vending machines;

According to Annette, vending is a land-locked business with automated machines currently being located in bricks- and-mortar locations. For years manufacturing plants have been closing, more and more people working from home and additional locations where machines are placed have shut down. VendaCarts business model leads the automated retail industry into a wider playing field multiplying locations that vending has never been in before where the masses gather: outdoor special events marketplace, construction/ building sites, university settings, entertainment facilities, disaster relief sites, military installations, neighborhoods, rural areas etc.

In an instance, a Pepsi bottler who was interested in serving food and beverage products to construction workers at a building site bought a VendaCarts trailer. Their alternative interest was to become the vending company of choice once the facility was built. Their mission was accomplished and they made money in the mean-time. They found that the fast turn, self-serve operations of VendaCarts works especially well in areas where time is of the essence.

VendaCarts mobile real-estate is shaping the future of automated businesses involving every retail scenario imaginable. The company is currently working with national companies on the design of up to six different VendaCarts business models:

EXAMPLE 1. Souvenir sales would be placed in ambient temperature vending machines (in this case preferably conveyor style).

EXAMPLE 2. Food Sales can be vended from refrigerated, frozen and ambient temperature automated machines any type of prepackaged food items can be vended.

EXAMPLE 3. Ticket Sales/Redemptions from ambient temp machines.

EXAMPLE 4. Gaming Trailers, equipped with Video Arcade games, Photobooths, Crane machines etc.

EXAMPLE 5. Branded/Themed (graphic wrapped) mobile stores for any retail sales imaginable.

EXAMPLE 6. Promotion/Marketing trailers used for product promotions.

As they increase their presence within the self-serve retail industry, VendaCarts is also building appropriate partnerships with automated equipment manufacturers both here and abroad to bring their customers the best options available in the marketplace. “Our technology partner is driving business in our direction and continues to add optional features to enhance the operations of this unique self-serve retail platform,” says Annette.