Apptium is a major supplier of technology solutions for the Communications, Media, Entertainment, and High-Tech sectors. The Digital Enterprise Network puts together cross-functional teams in the industry and IT to visually create and deliver omnichannel solutions with improved productivity, quicker time on the market, and reduced costs. The company enables clients to optimize their digital consumer journey, leverage insight-driven data to drive real-time decisions, and deliver positive, customer-centric interactions across all platforms. The company’s strategies help build a new approach from enterprise to service, improve customer engagement, and change corporate processes. “Our award winning project teams deliver high-value, measurable results by working collaboratively with clients through a user-centered, technology- and business-based methodology.” says Rick Kapani, Founder and CEO, Apptium Technology.

Apptium claims that this strategy increases returnon-investment for consumers by substantially reducing the time and cost associated with the design and implementation of business and technology solutions. Digital experience, market analytics, and industry solutions allow clients to enhance efficiency and competitiveness, reinforce relationships with consumers, suppliers, and partners, and reduce costs. Apptium’s CxP is an Omni-Channel system that simplifies how consumers do business and enhance how companies offer solutions.

The CxP optimizes the consumer experience at each stage of the process, from Need and Analysis to Sustain and Replace. Using CxP, users will continually improve reliability and efficiency and minimize time on the market for new products and applications. The platform provides instant value by offering a deeper understanding of consumer behavior as they move through your service. This allows real-time promotions and user redirects, including providing self-service solutions to reduce the number of calls. The SxP is the team’s critical analytics and metrics platform for tracking and reacting to customer behavior as it happens.

Customers will experience a new level of awareness of consumer data and a new willingness to bring the data into action to create more personalized and efficient customer journeys. Apptium’s DxP is a solution that digitizes Enterprises’ business operations to deliver a fully connected customer experience, putting the customer at the center of every interaction from an online sales transaction to an all-digital onboarding experience. The DxP is the business logic that ties the comprehensive Apptium solution together. This omnichannel experience supports your customer across multiple media as they transition from device to device. It’s the most efficient way to ensure consistency across all channels