ArcherGrey is a worldwide systems integration organization that takes pride in offering seasoned high-quality, cost-effective resources to customers. ArcherGrey’s professional services division is one of the biggest dedicated implementation practices in North America, with a core Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain competencies, as well as particular knowledge on the ENOVIA, PTC Windchill, and Siemens application suites. ArcherGrey was created in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble’s demise in 2002. Companies were anxious for a PLM services provider with the necessary skills, experience, and a laser-like concentration on getting the job done. Despite the tough economy, ArcherGrey developed swiftly and established a reputation for successful delivery. The company’s objective has always been to provide value on a daily basis. ArcherGrey has established itself as a real authority in PLM by always having a customer success-focused perspective, particularly when it comes to nurturing firms as they adopt and integrate a more robust and complete approach to PLM.

ArcherGrey’s MagicBox works with a wide range of data sources and formats to migrate large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, saving countless hours of manual data entry and enabling more time to be spent on important tasks. The MagicBox is a data migration tool that is used to import data from external sources into your PLM system in a methodical manner. This standalone Java application supplements FlexPLM by processing data from other sources such as Excel and methodically loading it into PLM. Simply drag and drop files into the MagicBox, and the results will be transmitted in a matter of minutes. Because of the MagicBox’s versatility, customers may import ad hoc data from older technologies to decrease human data entry into your PLM system.

The Extractor from ArcherGrey is the key to unlocking the potential of customers’ data. Customers’ data is prepared for extraction using the Extractor’s plug-and-play capabilities, allowing them to freely use data across all departments and business systems. Business executives and PLM users now have comprehensive operational transparency and precise, real-time data at their fingertips to expedite operations and enhance decision-making.The Extractor is a tool that leverages standard APIs to extract data from critical items within your FlexPLM system. 

ArcherGrey collaborates cross-functionally with clients’ businesses to aggregate insights and then advises customers’ teams on how to establish process alignment prior to implementation. “We leverage various strategies, such as surveys, workshops, and value stream mapping, to identify opportunities to streamline business processes and help establish a baseline to measure improvements against.” says Jack Schroeder - managing partner - ArcherGrey. Standard product development capabilities and sub-capabilities are defined by the PLM capability framework. This framework serves as the foundation for maturity level mapping and process evaluation. Customers’ businesses will discover where software could be used more efficiently and see target improvement possibilities as a consequence of ArcherGrey’s Capability Maturity Assessment. Capability Maturity Assessment provides gradually new and/or upgraded features to develop the maturity of a customer’s team and tools.

ArcherGrey provides Enterprise Digital Engineering technologies that enable OEMs and Suppliers in the Aerospace and Defense industries to achieve contractual obligations while decreasing staff “firefighting” activities. The company provides the expertise and resources customers need to deliver high-quality deliverables faster to customers government customers whether those deliverables are in the form of Proposals, Technical Data Packages, CDRLs/SDRLs, Physical Prototypes, or Production Units.