Sapphire Systems is a major developer of enterprise software applications and digital operating technologies, enabling businesses to change and run with intelligence, speed, agility, and operational excellence. The company empowers its staff to collaborate with Sapphire’s 1,000 global clients to produce sophisticated technological innovation and cloud services, transforming their operations into major commercial advantage. Sapphire, headquartered in London, England, has sales, service, and development offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Latin America, and Asia. Sapphire provides industry-leading customer satisfaction, 24-hour support, and expertise to help customers confidently accelerate their digital futures.

Sapphire Systems builds intelligently linked enterprises that can function in a digitally defined world with speed, agility, and operational excellence. Sapphire’s aim as a socially responsible company is to empower digitally connected enterprises to confidently advance their digital futures. The organization propels their customers forward more quickly by utilizing Digital Operations Platforms (DOP), which assist them in achieving growth and profitability.

Sapphire Systems is one of the most rapidly developing and innovative providers of digital operations systems to mid-market and large companies. “We help transform organizations enabling them to streamline, integrate, automate, and optimize their businesses to accelerate future growth and profitability.” says Ian Caswell, Managing Director, Sapphire Systems. Sapphire workers are empowered to engage alongside our 1,000 customers worldwide, converting their operations into meaningful commercial advantage by leveraging a range of consulting, professional, managed, and cloud services covering all key digital operations platforms.

Sapphire, founded in 1993, has established a reputation as a prominent global provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management solutions (FMS). During this period, the company’s size and impact have increased dramatically, and it has formed strong relationships with major software writers SAP and Infor, positioning Sapphire as the global number one partner for Infor SunSystems and SAP Business One. Sapphire has also formed agreements with a number of other prominent software providers and developed its own development team to ensure the flexibility and customization that your business demands. “We employ over 400 people across our global offices in the UK, USA, India, Mexico, Philippines and Argentina, allowing us to offer round-theclock support as standard.” says Ian Caswell, Managing Director, Sapphire Systems.The firm takes pleasure in a long track record of successfully deploying business management solutions and Digital Operations Platforms, which is shown in the large portfolio of clients who have worked with Sapphire over the years.

Cloud services enable today’s businesses to be more nimble, efficient and cost effective than ever before – that’s why the company offers Sapphire Anywhere for SAP Business One and Infor SunSystems. Customers benefit from Sapphire-owned infrastructure because they have access to architects and engineers with substantial practical expertise in cloud migration, cloud platform setup, and virtualization, as well as direct product knowledge. Sapphire-Anywhere is a Cloud solution built on Sapphire’s extensive technical knowledge of the SAP and Infor product portfolios.

Sapphire manages a highly experienced and resourceful consultancy team, with significant expertise in global implementations. Many of the company’s consultancy staff are fluent in at least two languages, and come from an accounting or business management background. Sapphire’s Technical Development Team can assist customers in integrating their existing software solutions with those that the company provides, allowing customers to increase the value of the systems they already have, eliminate re-keying errors, and significantly reduce administrative and operating costs.