Companies today face a variety of challenges, ranging from costly and time-consuming software development to enhancements to code in multiple coding languages and debugging complex projects. The demand for faster software programming continues to rise—along with a dearth of the skillset for software development as technological evolution makes it difficult to learn new languages, syntax. All these accompanied with the pain point of creating different software’s for an array of gadgets to access data. TechRev LLC has helped start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations create complex and dependable software-products faster and more efficiently using our intuitive ‘Rapid application development’ and ‘lowcode’ software development tool DEW (Developers Efficiency Workbench). DEW is truly the rapid path for creating professional, functional & great-looking web and mobile applications. With its powerful and intuitive interface one can easily build custom web applications and mobile apps.

The company provides cost-effective and best-in-class IT products and services viaautomation of coding / software– development using DEW tool creates business software applications with almost no coding and cuts the software development time and cost by more than 50%. This makes developing software cost-effective. DEW has the embedded technology to create hybrid applications and is database agnostic. This further brings the cost down. Using TechRev’s proprietary tool DEW, numerous businesses have benefited, irrespective of their size and sector, around the globe.

TechRev’s expertise in the nodeJS framework and technologies and its expertise in developing client’s nodeJS framework software solutions, using low-code RAD tool – DEW – helps deliver solutions faster despite the fact there is a huge scarcity of developers with this skill set. This helps clients to continue to perform better in their niche and attain a leadership position in their specific industries. TechRev is constantly improving and enhancing DEW by adding functionalities that programmers would have to code for as part of controls that can be dragged and dropped and code would be automatically generated for those functionalities.

Unique Approach

According to the TechRev experts all businesses are unique and have different goal line, though they all have one common objective –their need to advance towards their goals. The company follows a unique methodology to support their customers in their endeavors.

• Discuss &Plan: They discuss and brainstorm the project and document a formal project specification that addresses the business goals, approved solution, timeline, best-suited approach, and the imbursement terms. 

• Design &Develop: The project is assigned to a project team which comprises of UI/UX designers, web developers, team leader and quality analyst with the copy of DewStudio by creating a project for the Client.

• Testing: Unit testing and then System/Integration testing is done to ensure that all the parts work together.

• Deploy &Launch: After successfully addressing the feedbacks received from the client and quality checks documented by the QA team, TechRev deploys the build on a production environment.

• Maintenance: TechRev recommends subscription for DEW or annual maintenance for smooth-running website or app.

• Evaluate: They continuously evaluate and recommend the best enhancement based on technological advances, growing needs and trends.

• Improve: Suggested enhancements if agreed and approved by the client are handled via a change management process.

DEW is a major product for TechRev, and they believe that there is a huge potential for DEW to grow and that would help TechRev evolve and nurture. The company has researched Fortune 500 companies and determined that they are interested in Low code/No code application development. “To market to these big companies we need dedicate resources to contact and set up demos to show the capabilities of DEW,” says TechRev experts. “Depending on our resources we will either partner with a Marketing company or go directly with personal contacts using purchased-Company databases.” The company has also talked to Educators for introduction of DEW at College level—had a Demo at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, for the possibility of introducing DEW as a course for Computer Students. They had introduced DEW as a tool at a Software-development conference in Nagpur, India, to students who downloaded the free trail and used it for University projects. “We endeavor to continue to work on increasing DEW’s profile as the Best tool for Low Code application development.”