Companies in the information and analytics arena are more often than not faced with the need to be able to handle increasing data ingestion requirements and ever-expandingcorporate capabilities (via mergers and acquisitions) into new services, products and markets. Exusia was founded with the objective of addressing a growing gap in the strategy and data engineering space as the next global leader in analytics, data engineering and cloud computing solutions. Exusia brings years of data engineering and analytics expertise to it’s clients in the form of a 5 step C-Level (CEO/CFO/CDO/CIO) playbook which helps clients fully define and prioritize their functional requirements, establish an architecture to delivery on their near term and long term goals and prove out the value of their strategy. Further, Exusia works with clients to scales and reduces future operating expenditures around this strategy.

In 2012, Exusia entered the market with cutting edge techniques and software, which helped clients monetize data by building systems that specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information to make critical sub-second decisions. Over the next few years Exusia was recognized for being one of the fastest growing IT Services companies by publications such at Crain’s, Inc. Magazine and the CIO Review. Exusia has made the prestigious Inc. 5000 three times, including finishing #18 overall (#2 in IT services) in 2016. Today, Exusia is an ISO 27001 certified global solutions provider that continues to expand its markets, intellectual capital and capabilities through the delivery of hundreds of projects to clients from start-ups to the Fortune 100 across all industries and global regions.

Helping Clients Achieve More

Using their 5-step C-Level Exusia playbook helps clients deliver ROI using a combination of cloud-based analytics, models and data pipelining frameworks in just 2-3 months. These initial proofs of value (POVs) are typically the engineering foundation for many business initiatives across our client’s digital strategy. It gets better, their approach also materially brings down both the capital and operational expenditures associate to digital transformations by leveraging IP, frameworks, accelerators and a set of managed service capabilities.

Exusia believes that every effort that is made for the clientsand for the internal Exusia “platform” must produce ROI.“By looking through this “ROI centric lens” we believe that we have been able to achieve significant levels of efficiency and focus in our client engagement and delivery model,” says Trevor Silver, Founder & CEO of Exusia. “It is critical to Exusia and our clients that there be seamless integration between Strategy, Execution and the Managed services associated to our collective data engineering and analytics efforts.” This focus has kept them ahead of their competitors and allowed Exusiato offer premium capabilities to their clients at the lowest total cost on the market.

A very common part of every “Proof of Value” (POV) that Exusiaclient’s request is what they call a “Data Pipeline”. Exusia’s founders have been refining the art of data pipelining since the inception of the company and for many years prior to that. In every engagement Exusiabrings this knowledge, IP and applicable frameworks to their clients in order to significantly bring down the time and associated cost of achieving business return.

Towards the future

According to Trevor, in today’s Digital age, there are many technologies transforming industry right now and some of those technologies as well as several others are well positioned to continue to do this for years to come. “The most disruptive technology out there today is “Cloud”, while the premise is quite simple, the focus and efficiency to operational expense (OpEx) that Cloud brings to businesses across almost every industry is undeniable,” he adds. “At a macro level, we believe the next biggest disruption comes in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space, where the technologies around workflow & robotic process automation (RPA) are quickly creating massive efficiency gains in early adopting industries.” Further out, he sees machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming very significant disrupters as they become more main stream across industries, use cases and markets.

On work front, Trevor prides that Exusiaclients make real-time decisions everyday about their investments, pricing and offering their products, shipping the content, looking at the credit, providing health services and providing customers with hospitality, digital and entertainment services based on solutions that we have designed and delivered to them (to name a few).For the days to come, Exusia having made an entry in the European market in 2020 with an initial focus in the United Kingdom and Germany are expecting to continue to invest in this geographic expansion over the next few years. Exusia is also expanding its client execution offerings around RPA and Workflow technologies due to current and what we expect to be future client demand. Exusia is also expanding its services to the middle market in all regionsand continuing to invest in IP and accelerators best suited for that market.