Today’s challenging Healthcare landscape is forcing Healthcare System Providers to deliver transformational change to their supply chain strategies and operations. Providers are faced with the difficult realities of aligning costs with revenue/reimbursement, inflationary product acquisition costs, standardizing quality care metrics and more stringent regulatory compliance reporting requirements. Healthcare Providers are seeking to address these realities with more efficient and responsive supply chains. Evolving B2B technologies are showing significant impact on business performance and patient safety. Through the adoption of industry standard protocols and data standards, the quality of interactions between trading partners is driving improved regulatory compliance [patient safety], operational insight into performance improvement [quality care] and cost savings opportunities [cost of care] across the entire healthcare value chain from the manufacturing origin to the point of care. Prodigo is a cornerstone technology to assist our customers in achieving their “triple aim” patient care objectives.

Responding to numerous hospital requests and industry accolades, Prodigo Solutions was founded in 2008 by healthcare supply chain professionals at UPMC. Customers are choosing to deploy Prodigo’s full suite of products because they understand the value of tight integration between technologyand data are foundational enablers for them to drive contract compliance and improve overall supply chain performance. Each of Prodigo’s products function as a complementary overlay to native ERP functionality; extending the value of ERP investments by filling healthcare specific gaps such as intelligent search for directed buying, improved user requisitioning experience to streamline administrative tasks, bill only processingfor greater clinical efficiency and integrated data management to improve master data integrity.

Now in 2020,Prodigo is serving over half of the U.S. News & World Report “Honor Roll” hospitals, a listing of the 15 best hospitals in the nation. With many years of healthcare specific Supply Chain expertise, combined with strong inhouse technical integration, software development and data management practices Prodigo ensures all aspectsof the project are delivered on time and on budget. Prodigo’s Solution Suite includes numerous unique technologies. When fully deployed, Prodigo’s applications providehealthcare organizations with the cost reductions, operational efficiencies and date transparencynecessary to deliver transformational change.

Prodigo continues to invest in products that deliver real savings to our customers. Supply chain solutions include: • Marketplace – a hosted e-commerce solution that connects Requesters with preferred supply sources in a virtual procurement network that drives compliance, cost savings and measurable Return on Investment [ROI]. Marketplace provides quick and efficient connectivity to a healthcare provider’s entire ecosystem of supplier content and contracts. Marketplace gives the Supply Chain team the power to direct Requesters to preferred sources; maximizing utilization of contracts while also ensuring contract price compliance right from the point of requisition. • Contract Navigator – a central hub for storing, maintaining and managing the lifecycle of all Local and GPO contracts. The repository hosts contract attributes, documents, terms and commitments along with active pricing to ensure compliance of each purchase transaction against specific contract prices, terms and thresholds. Additionally, the tool documents all negotiated savings opportunities so they can be tracked and realized. • Xchange – is a full-service, peer-to-peer electronic transaction messaging network designed to help trading partners rapidly exchange electronic transactions at a lower cost per transaction. Xchange automates supply chain transactions; eliminating the need for paper documents and associated manual processing. As well, Xchange gives you transparency into each electronic transaction through-out its lifecycle from PO dispatch to payment approval. • DataHub – Prodigo manages data connections to over 1,200 healthcare manufactures through automated, direct feeds and the GDSN. Prodigo’s Global Catalog is a collaboration with the leading healthcare systems and manufacturers to build healthcare’s marketplace of content. The Prodigo Global Catalog contains data attributes on over 6.1M items being used in healthcare today. Through DataHub,Prodigo provides Item Master Cleansing and Enrichment services to enhance the value and accuracy of the customer’s item master to ensure full attribution of data sets and accurate identification of items to optimize supply chain operations.

Prodigo’s value proposition resonates with both the CFO and the VP of Supply Chain.

For the CFO, Prodigo has built a sophisticated spend assessmentframework that quantifiesa projected savings opportunity within the health system. Through embedded intelligence technology, Prodigocanaccurately forecast an ROI based on improving contract utilization, contract compliance and supply chain efficiencies.

For the VP of Supply Chain, Prodigo leverages its deep supply chain knowledge from being incubated in one of the largest and most respected IDNs in the country. Prodigo’s senior leaders bring an informed perspective from within healthcare and manufacturing to solve some of healthcare’s critical challenges.

Prodigo’s solutions arepurpose-built to address the complexities and nuances of healthcare while remaining IT lite by integrating as a functional overlay to the native ERP system(s). Reach out to Prodigo through their website [ www. ] to learn more about our solutions and the problems solved for our customers.