John Iacone, and his partner fulfilled their destiny to satisfy the needs of companies through their unique solutions and services by establishing International Integrated Solutions (IIS), three decades ago. The CEO and Founder of IIS, John and his partner armed with their experience wanted to continue working for their customers, even after their original employer was acquired by a larger organization. Their first customer gave them the idea to start their own business, which is today solving the most complex IT problems across a wide range of industries. “What we learned through that experience was how to treat and become an asset to our customers by aiding them through our knowledge of technology,” says John. “It was the foundation of the culture of our company and remains 30 years later.”

The company is helping enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through end-to-end solutions and services delivering technical precision and speed to market with scalability and support. IIS has observed that overly complex systems prevent enterprise IT from focusing on their strategic goals. Aging IT platforms run up costs, impede quality and slow the pace of change.IIS works with enterprise IT tooptimize for costs by delivering solutions that include implementing lean processes and automation, optimizing workload placement, and eliminating unused or underused systems, services and data. Additionally, they work with organizations to continuously optimize and secure their cloud environments with automated workloadmanagement tools, modernize applications and data platforms and implement software-defined networks. “Modernizing IT provides welcome relief from otherwise tight funding, freeing resources that can be immediately applied to innovation and driving theirbusinesses digital agenda,” explains John.

IIS recently began investing in developing and delivering solutions forthe evolving AL/ML demand from their customers. This includes solutions across the ML Ops lifecycle, for example, solutions to support integration of legacy data silos, provisioning of big data frameworks for data preparation, building high performance ML training systems including deployment of specialized storage to supply data fast enough for those ML training systems and deploying edge computing platforms with ML inference capabilities. In support of this initiative, IIS recently invested in becoming a Nvidia Elite partner.

It is pertinent to mention that IIS’ edge computing is taking an organizational infrastructure to new heights. For IIS, the Edge refers to the deployment of HW and SW solutions to analyze and store data at the site where the data is generated, what many call the Intelligent Edge. By deploying IIS architected intelligent edge solutions their customers reduce latency, costs, and security risks, thus making the associated business more efficient. IIS, as an HPE Platinum partner, is very excited about the HPE GreenLake program. “We have been an early adopter and have successfully been promoting and offering this program to our customers,” adds John. “Briefly, GreenLake allows IIS to deliver IT-as-a-Service bringing the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, in a fully managed, pay-peruse model.”

IIS roots are in systems integration of IT infrastructure solutions. While this is and will remain an important business for them in the days to come, John knows that the market has become commoditized and increasingly moving to the cloud, limiting their ability to grow and provide value to the customers. Because of this, IIS is investing in building SW systems integration capabilities, adding leading edge SW vendor solutions to our portfolio and retooling their workforce address these new businesses. IIS is also working diligently to migrating their revenue stream from CapEx center to Recurring Revenue centered. “My team and I are working hard to transform IIS by developing a culture that quickly adapts to change and embraces innovation,” says John. “I am excited about the digital transformation opportunity in front of us I believe the future is bright for IIS.