Today organizations are trying to solve a unique problem, and the challenges cover a wide range: type of touchscreen, choice of computer, peripherals, enclosures, required software, user experience, security, and of course how they will make money after deployment. It is a lot to process, which is why Advanced Kiosks applies a consultative sales approach, making sure they understand the problem space and can advise on the best solution. Advanced Kiosks has been a leader and innovator in the self-service industry for close to 20 years. The company is a DBA of H32 Design and Development (H32), an engineering and design company that started in custom laboratory equipment for researchers. Soon after, H32 won the contract for Informational Kiosks for the Boston MBTA, which led to H32’s introduction to the self-service industry and the beginning of designing computer kiosks. Since then, Advanced Kiosks has added over a dozen new kiosk models to their standard offering, while maintaining the capability to do custom engineering work.

Advanced Kiosks has invested their time in creating valuable solutions that they know every customer can benefit from. For instance, their ZAMOK™ Kiosk Management Software can send an immediate text alert if a kiosk experiences a problem that requires attention, such as running out of printer paper. They even added 24/7 support this year, to assist their customers round the clock, across the globe. Today, Advanced Kiosks continues to work with the best in the business, providing solutions to customers such as Fidelity Investments, Arlington National Cemetery, the New York Fire Department, and Alphabet (Google).

Creating Custom Kiosk Experience

It all starts with understanding their customer and what they are trying to achieve. The end users of the kiosks are often the customer’s customers, so Advanced Kiosks has to learn who they are and what they want to do. The UX designers, software engineers and hardware experts at Advanced Kiosks are used to collaborating both internally and with customers, applying best practices from each discipline to bring the client’s vision to life.

Whether customers require a standard kiosk product, custom engineering, or some minor modifications, the company’s project consultants advise customers to ensure the best possible end result. From their first engagement with a potential customer, Advanced Kiosks presents itself as a team of experienced and trusted advisors, guiding clients towards solving their problems within scope and budget. They meet with project stakeholders early and often, keeping them in the loop on project decisions and status so what they get on delivery is what they are expecting. At the end of the day, it’s all about the ROI for each customer.

While many players in the kiosk industry focus primarily on the hardware, Advanced Kiosks considers itself an engineering organization that can create any self-service solution. The choice of hardware is important, but the software must also be considered as part of the complete system, since both are necessary to form the full kiosk experience. With their self-service experience, Advanced Kiosks can deliver the whole range, from a simple modification to existing models to a completely custom system designed and built to a customer’s specifications. To optimize the overall experience for customers, Advanced Kiosks uses the latest project management software to keep the project running smoothly, ontime, and efficiently. The company is proud to stand behind their products, which is why they offer a 3-yearwarranty backed by 24/7 support and software engineered to keep the kiosk secure and functioning properly.

Building the Future

Advanced Kiosks’ roadmap for 2020 and beyond is to build on the solid foundation of software and hardware that they have in place so that any self-service project that comes to them can succeed. They are expanding their ZAMOK Kiosk Management Software to bring in-demand capabilities to all customers, such as screen reading for the visually impaired. As the business world reshapes itself in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, their software will provide video conferencing as an out-of-the-box option. With a culture of continuous improvement, Advanced Kiosks is constantly refining processes so that every interaction with customers, from first discovery meeting to final project delivery, will ensure success.

According to the leaders of Advanced Kiosks, a successful self-service project is more than just a metal box with a screen, or even the pixels you display on the screen. It is a complete system built to solve a particular problem, using the latest technologies that are appropriate for the final solution. At Advanced Kiosks, they are constantly innovating and learning to incorporate new technologies into their offerings. They are also exploring advanced technologies like facial recognition and thermal sensing, both of which are expected to play larger roles in the post-COVID-19 world we will soon be living in. These advances are what separate Advanced Kiosks from the competition, by providing high quality, turnkey solutions that are timeless, durable, and specially crafted for their customers and end users’ needs.