Scalr was founded in 2007, right at the dawn of the public cloud revolution, from the challenge of federating dispersed IT teams over typical cost and security standards while preserving local autonomy. Thus was born the Scalr Organizational Model, a model that combines proactive and reactive policies with a hierarchy that maps your organization’s structure. The result is the Scalr platform, which enables today’s enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated, and standardized application deployments across multi-cloud environments.

“Scalr is a remote state & operations backend for Terraform with access controls, policy as code, and more. We are actively used by Fortune 500 companies to help scale their Terraform usage safely while giving the DevOps teams autonomy.” Sebastian Stadil, Co-founder, CEO, Scalr. The Scalr infrastructure as a code platform is a remote state & operations backend for Terraform with access controls, the policy as code, and many quality of life features. Startups and public companies alike have selected the Scalr platform, from Samsung to NASA, to startups like Heartflow.

Delivers Different and Unique Set of Services

Scalr delivers agility without giving up control. Enterprises embrace Self-Service and want to take advantage of multiple platforms and the speed and  choice they provide. However, IT still needs to be at the heart of expanding data centers, maintaining security and compliance standards, and controlling costs. Scalr is how enterprise IT delivers agility without compromising on security, compliance, or costs. The organization also offers Cost Visibility & Reduction, Granular RBAC on Cloud Environments, Integration Into Existing Ecosystem, Customized Provisioning Portals, Conditional Security & Compliance Policies, and Single Pane of Glass for All Cloud Usage & Management. 

Scalr offers custom self-service that creates productive users. Self Service should not be limited to a single type of user. The Scalr Policy Engine and Position-Based Access Controls (RBAC) empowers IT to build personalized supply portals for power users, simple users, and everything in between. With the Service Catalog, Scalr can be used by far wider audiences to handle applications in the cloud without intensive training. The catalog lists the existing blueprints and demands only information needed by the Farm, such for instance size or protection category.  

The organization offers roles based service catalogs. Based on their identities and operating environments, users will have various supply portals presented to them. The Farm Builder gives more sophisticated users the organizational versatility they need. At the same time, the service catalog provides the quick distribution of anything from a single server to an integrated app stack.

Scalr Farm Templates make it easy to build complete application stacks and offer them as catalog items. Farm Templates are a textual representation of your app’s desired state—everything from images, networking, and storage to automation and autoscaling. Farm Templates make your applications portable and easy to access. Scalr IaC Platform is a remote backend for Terraform that helps your organization adopt Terraform and DevOps practices at scale. This process is done by many factors such as, Centralization of state files and ensuring safe concurrent access to state files. Tracking all provisioned resources and the dependencies between them. Using Open Policy Agent to ensure a compliant and automated infrastructure as code workflow. Forecasting costs prior to deployments. Easily deploy infrastructure through a template registry based on Terraform templates. Implementing multitenancy allowing multiple organizations to create and maintain their own workflows while adhering to enterprise standards.