Altemir Consulting designs and introduces organizational enhancements for production and distribution businesses. The organization offers consulting services at the start-up, before or during an M&A case, or as part of a quality improvement programme or system update. The company has expertise in aerospace, surgical devices, contract manufacturing, food processing, consumer goods and other covert manufacturing. The company also partners with customers and senior managers, often on a contingency basis, to boost cash flow and value prior to a business transaction or as part of cash flow or inventory development programmes. Altemir Consulting began as a collective of seasoned senior executives in manufacturing, infrastructure and private equity, who have switched to consulting. For the last 30 years, the company’s experts have been active in a wide range of aerospace, medical equipment, automotive products, contract processing, consumer products, food processing and other strategic manufacturing industries.

Digital Innovation gives manufacturers a chance to achieve a major strategic advantage in the modern economy. Altemir Consulting is entering the age of Industry 4.0, where traditional manufacturing assets and enterprise IT merge together with digital networks, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to deliver new analytical, agility, efficiency and execution capabilities. Altemir Consulting provides hands-on results-oriented lean manufacturing consulting aimed at lowering costs, increasing throughput, reducing lead times and meeting customer expectations. “We can help drive shop floor efficiency improvements to reduce cycle times, reduce labor cost, and increase productivity.” says David Altemir, Founder.   



Altemir Consulting’s expertise is unsurpassed in establishing effective Lean workplace control systems to dramatically improve on-time performance. Lean MRP is that company’s innovative production scheduling and control methodology that uses customers’ existing ERP or APS scheduling system to determine pull-based lean flow on the work. This is often a highly desirable approach, particularly for high-mix job shops. A SIOP programme that utilizes efficient sales forecasting to drive capital planning and staffing to keep the factory and supply chain ready for market upturns or downturns over the horizon can be implemented by Altemir Consulting. The unique expertise of the company in capacity planning can turn your SIOP programme into a competitive advantage. In order to develop new sites or to consolidate and integrate existing sites, Altemir Consulting can provide strategic, planning, and executive management support.

The company’s goal is to leverage the capabilities of your system to target specific business goals for clients. The objectives are tangible cost savings, improvements in efficiency, client satisfaction, and on-time performance. Altemir Consulting is adept at establishing and implementing statistically optimized inventory and purchase parameters as part of an improved inventory management programme. While achieving delivery rates greater than 98 percent, the organization has accomplished inventory reductions greater than 25 percent. The company recognizes the mechanics of market management, MRP, and inventory management that relate to dealers compliant with consumer demands, as well as to suppliers trying to maintain adequate raw materials on hand. Improved inventory accuracy is also an environment where the business has had a lot of success. Altemir Consulting offers hands-on results-oriented lean manufacturing consulting aimed at lowering costs, rising productivity, minimizing lead times and satisfying consumer requirements.