10 Best Innovative Companies of 2021

10 Best Innovative Companies of 2021

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Today, the major challenges for Edge Computing and 5G infrastructures, in general, are primarily deployment speed, how to roll out tens of thousands of Edge Data Centers at the speed of “now,” manage costs and be sensitive to the environment, all at the same time.

Altair Global

Altair Global has been providing outstanding mobility experiences to clients and consumers worldwide since 1989.

Altemir Consulting

Altemir Consulting designs and introduces organizational enhancements for production and distribution businesses.


Analytics2Go has an end-toend AI platform for enterpriselevel businesses and SMBs.

Demand Solutions

Demand Management is the developer of the Demand Solutions Digital Supply Chain Network, which helps companies seize new markets, expose and adapt to evolving market conditions and handle their diverse industries more profitably.

Hire IQ

HireIQ revolutionizes talent development for high-turnover, front-line customer support roles such as contact centers, department outlets, branch banking, fast-service restaurants and hospitality by automating early-stage screening, automatically evaluating vital leadership capabilities, and leveraging output-based data to enable consistent performance validation.


MRCC has been a first-time employee and partner organization and it has always been the company’s priority to ensure the well-being of its associates. That being said, when MRCC measured the gravity of COVID-19, the organization took every possible step to mitigate the effects of the virus.


Oleeo’s mission is to help recruiters achieve this better and more effectively than ever before. Designed using smart automation and machine learning, Oleeo’s platform helps businesses discover infinite sourcing ability to attract, engage and recruit amazing, diverse teams that change the world for the better.


Signavio helps companies to keep up with the speed, volume and scope of transition. Market Transformation Suite is the smarter way to continually convert between plan and implementation.


Zelros Your Policyholders deserved the Best Experience Trusted by Global Insurance Leaders