ImageSource, an enterprise-class information management application, was developed to meet the changing needs of the customers’ business units. ILINX expands the hardware and software technologies to maximize process reliability, reduce risk, and raise sales.

ImageSource is the ILINX software maker and a known pioneer in consultancy, strategic research, and accelerated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Using expert teams and a wide range of world- leading ECM technologies, the organization improves vital business processes that optimize data collection, documentation, and alignment with existing information systems. The company’s comprehensive approach, including analysis, training, and support, will advance efficiencies, security, compliance, and competition through your entire organization.

Established in 1994, ImageSource is a privately owned company in Olympia, WA. ImageSource has placed itself as a pioneer of Corporate Content Management Integrators through a series of strategic acquisitions and integration activities. Currently, the firm offers enterprise process outsourcing for companies from SMBs to Fortune 500. The employees are the main assets, along with the broad portfolio of consumer partners in the company. ImageSource regularly hires the best talent through a conservative recruiting process.

Several financial services businesses are struggling to comply with updated SEC broker-dealer information legislation. The organisation’s ILINX Event Tracker quick-to-implement offers a powerful method that will help satisfy the standards set out in SEC 17a-4c by producing non-rewritable and non-erasable broker-dealer event record formats for preservation on electronic devices. ILINX Case Tracking helps users collect structured data — data collected from the line-of-business device files — and transfer it to non- erasable. Non-writable formats such as TIFF, PDF, or PDF A. Technical documentation would follow user documents to storage for fast recovery over the appropriate period.

Automate processes and merge data with ILINX to provide more personal and direct customer experience for the consumer-facing information staff. Faster access to sensitive information, process demands, and inquiries make smart choices faster, secure openings faster. More personal time means executives will have opportunities to figure out where a client’s interests align with the deals, maximize the worth of the customer’s lifespan, and split the wallet with the customer. Integrate multiple-system data to determine whether you can expand services. Gain insight into the systems to see if the customers can streamline and represent the client base better.

ImageSource delivers a simplified solution to complicated, costly records processing systems. ILINX Retention Management combines manual retention procedures with an electronic system for comprehensive record-keeping from the development to the disposal and final removal of the user records and records. ILINX was designed from the ground up to provide detailed AND state-of-the-art processing information and content ingestion. Unlike several capture device systems, ILINX is NOT a fragmented amalgamation of several application add-ons purchased, quickly thrown together.

The organization’s code-base enables all modules to work together to collect from every source and satisfy the business processing needs of customers, from basic to fully integrated. The firm’s infrastructure is professionally managed by a customer service staff located in the U.S. with extensive technical expertise. The firm will educate internal IT teams of consumers to extend ILINX Capture within the customers’ company.