Surecomp is an industry leader for banks and companies in foreign trade financing strategies. As a market leader for over thirty years, the organization delivers a creative suite of digital trade finance, supply chain management, and treasury technologies, streamlining the lifecycle of transactions to increase operating performance, ensuring enforcement, and accelerating innovation. The business represents a distinguished client base of more than eighty countries worldwide with a worldwide presence of eight offices of Toronto, New York, Santiago, Buenos Aires, London, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, and Singapore. “As a company, we are defined by a set of core values representing a host of qualities and behaviours by which we stand in everything we do”, says EyalHareuveny, CEO, Surecomp.

Based on 30 + years of experience and knowledge, the company remains squarely at the forefront of technology transformation with its vertically developed, market-leading solutions range. Complying with the highest level in confidentiality, data isolation, storage, and communications through SWIFT certification, the organization provides full cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-site implementation with optimum deployment flexibility.

The company’s accessible API integrated fintech platform enables clients to tap through an expanded network with specialized regulatory and risk detection products and software, automated operations, cybersecurity, logistics, artificial intelligence ( AI), consumer awareness (KYC), RegTech, and improved analytics. Crafted to motivate consumers by harnessing efficiencies and promoting innovation across the continuum of trade finance, Marketplace offers direct access to an expanded network of specially curated state-of-the-art technologies for improved demand and competitiveness to open new markets, lower costs and improve consumer loyalty.

The decentralized architecture of the company’s API sets the framework for transparent banking in trade finance. The business’s open banking platform now applies to all innovative trade finance technologies help banks, corporates, and fintech firms around the trade finance community break down institutional barriers and share data, functions, and apps in real-time. APIsure guarantees the best possible protection, security, scalability, reporting, and disclosure requirements. It provides a versatile and agile back-office collaboration to develop new technologies and an API management framework and API sandbox. APIsure also provides a platform for entrepreneurs, where companies can work together to create applications and services.

Unlocking a world of opportunities through proximity to new goods and services, APIsure offers paperless networking in real-time to boost the quality and time-to-market of the products and services of trade finance. The industry associates various sizes and forms of banks and companies in more than 80 countries worldwide. The one thing they both share in common is a desire for improvement and optimization of procedures. They appreciate the implications of adopting technology through a desire for growth and consumer loyalty. The company’s trailblazing alliance network complements the products nicely, offering an extended scope of trade finance appeal to consumers.

Effectively the organization sponsors hundreds of projects around the clock in more than eighty countries around the world. Our post-production service helps consumers optimize productivity with 99.9 percent availability through local service facilities and remote monitoring.

To complement the strategies, the organization provides a variety of value-driven professional services. Comprising a range of seasoned banking and technology specialists, the company’s global distribution team delivers the highest industry quality and accreditation services for local language consultancy, development, deployment, project management, and training.