QCash Financial is a purpose- driven FinTech company that empowers financial institutions in their search to improve their communities’ financial well-being. The company is a FinTech firm and is targeted at. This global trend is driven by the company’s innovative and award-winning SaaS-based products. The business aims at reducing financial uncertainty and improving financial stability. The business believes in a community that encourages and is rooted in the cornerstone of well-being, creativity, and development.

“To empower financial institutions in their quest to improve the financial wellness of their communities. Our values define who we are and how we operate.” The organization specializes in empowering others. To that end, by delivering affordable solutions intended to enhance economic stability and opportunities, the organization is improving the socioeconomic future of families and neighborhoods in which they live.

The company’s team has an unwavering commitment and conviction that, if given the tools and support to do so, each individual can build and achieve sustainable financial wellness. Customers believe in this, too. They know that today’s financial customers anticipate the company’s first mobile apps, AND they have the potential to make a difference in creating financial capability, prosperity, and resilience.

Retain the members and create brand loyalty by providing secure and instant short- term credit access. The digital, white-label small-dollar lending program of the organization accepts members immediately, and there is no need for background checks. The relationship-based underwriting system of the company uses data analytics to make decisions about the loan acceptance. “The loans are the banking habits of today at the moment.” Products from the organization are intended to help improve the people’s socioeconomic stability and the neighborhoods in which they live. The business believes that, if given the tools and opportunities to do so, every individual can build and achieve enduring financial wellness.

The company’s revolutionary software as a service lending network offers credit unions and banks the opportunity to sell goods that their clients expect from mobile lending. The business platform is entirely configurable to deliver almost any mix of functionality possible to fulfill the requirements of the financial institution. The network of the business links securely to the central banking infrastructure, via the cloud. The patented algorithm manages the immediate underwriting, decision making, and financing when a loan proposal is launched. Approval or rejection shall be decided within one minute, and funds shall be deposited directly into the individual’s checking account if accepted.

Short-term small-dollar lending helps support consumer financial stability and health by providing needed liquidity to balance daily financial needs, weather financial ups and downs, and building long-term financial health. By managing these loans, consumers can improve their credit scores, build upward mobility, and gain more traditional lending products.

The QCash digital lending platform is a software-as-a- service solution. The platform connects securely through  the cloud to the credit union’s core banking platform to retrieve member relationships, behavioral attributes, and all information required for instant underwriting, decisioning, and funding. When a member applies through their mobile device, online banking, contact center, branch, or other customer service channel, information is sent to the Microsoft Azure Cloud; a decision is given within a minute, and funds are immediately deposited into the member’s account.