C2FO is moving towards a society where any business in the world has the resources it wants to expand. The online portal and suite of creative financial solutions at C2FO link organizations of all sizes with the cash they need. Established in 2008, the organization is now the largest non-bank working capital supplier globally, servicing hundreds of thousands of companies in more than 180 countries across the operating centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and China. The team’s goal at C2FO is to create a future in which any business around the world has the resources required to expand. To do this, the firm is trying to open up an unprecedented $43 trillion that is bottled up in receivable accounts.

C2FO is the world’s largest labor-force stock exchange. The business’s capacity to establish a smooth match between A / R and A / P has allowed consistency between suppliers and buyers in the riskless supply of working capital. Finally, manufacturers can gain a charge of their cash flow; consumers can boost their EBITDA and gross profit, and gain a greater return on short-term funds, which increases their supply chains’ financial fitness. Much like other global marketplaces such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and CBOE path orders for stock and options between buyers and sellers, the C2FO marketplace routes purchase and sell cash orders to and from trade partners in supply chains across the globe.

C2FO’s online auction C2FO’s online auction 

solutions have facilitated more than $100 billion in payments for businesses in more than 180 countries since the company’s first transaction in March 2010. As the biggest non-bank working capital supplier globally, C2FO’s worldwide network comprises over one million clients with annual revenue of $10.5 trillion. But this is only the beginning in a world with a $43 trillion issue of working capital. “Our streamlined user interface enables you to spend less time in the C2FO application and more time running your business. C2FO provides the only solution integrated with its Early Payment program.” says Alexander C. Kemper – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The C2FO platform is the only solution that allows you to launch differentiated early payment options for suppliers, blending patented Name Your Rate technology with traditional fixed-rate offers to accelerate or lengthen invoice payments when your suppliers choose. Maintaining a good supply chain requires meeting the needs of any company. Early payment is the quickest, most efficient way to produce the vital liquidity they need to expand their business for users’ suppliers.

Dynamic Supplier Financing (DSF), through the innovative framework offered by C2FO, allows consumers the flexibility to select pricing that suits their needs. Call The Rate innovations proprietary by the company, fixed prices, and mixed pricing strategies placed consumers in charge of working capital while improving the suppliers. C2FO’s innovative approach to receivables gives your clients the flexibility to accelerate or extend payments.

Leveraging Dynamic Consumer Financing (DCF) will provide a more significant cash yield from the premiums paid on the customer’s business and allow the sales team to provide flexible terms. Using the user’s balance sheet, this approach can be leveraged, or users can contract the C2FO funding network to create liquidity and raise sales.