Jim Milton | CEO | Campus Labs

Jim Milton | CEO

"the only solution of its kind, our integrated platform leverages your data-rich ecosystem by connecting data across areas of your institution to create one complete picture of learning on your campus"

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Campus Labs

"Build a Strong Foundation for Unified Information"

Moving away from the traditional teaching pattern and learning, the present age is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way teachers teach, and students assimilate knowledge. This transition in educational practices is set up to open up more great outlets for teaching and learning groups, paving the way for a new school of thought. The future of education is all about improving and incorporating student-centric learning. Through this effort, teachers must follow customized learning and teaching practices. Years of diligent study – visiting campuses and listening to executives about their operational problems – have driven entrepreneurs to continue to evolve and develop their services. Today, more than 15 years after its establishment, Campus Labs is still based in Buffalo. The organization has more than 150 employees, a workforce of more than 1,400 Member Campuses, and a broad set of solutions.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the Campus Labs platform offers integrated software and cloud-based higher education assessment tools. The corporate mission is more focused than ever on empowering and transforming colleges and universities through strategic insights into data. And the kind of creative spirit that powered the company’s initial success continues to be felt – and expressed through all teams.” The only

solution of its kind, our integrated platform leverages your data- rich ecosystem by connecting data across areas of your institution

to create one complete picture of learning on your campus.” says Jim Milton, CEO, Campus Labs. Easily define areas for faculty growth, recognize the most successful learning methodologies, and equip the Faculty with resources to determine the sequence of results to prepare students for life outside the classroom. With an extensive data analysis offering an organizational view of the results, campus leaders are empowered to make data-informed decisions with full trust.

A Team of Systematic Mind

The Institutional Effectiveness Campus Labs helps to configure and connect preparation, accreditation, and outcome evaluation processes. The team of Campus Labs experts has decades of experience in higher education. They understand the problems of the consumer organization due to the comprehensive experience operating on campuses. Approach consumer services and processes from a systemic mind that is at the core of building informative relations. To fully promote data-driven decision-making, the Campus Labs platform cultivates experience where data from all departments leave the silos and communicate more freely, allowing the decision-makers greater insight into an integrated and beneficial data structure.

Reaffirming Commitment to Equity, Campus Labs Partners with other Higher Education Organizations to share case studies exploring equity-minded assessment practice. The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Evaluation (NILOA), the Council for the Advancement of Excellence in Higher Education (CAS), and Campus Labs published the first three case studies — linked as PDFs below a series aimed at exploring equitable approaches to higher education evaluation. These case studies aim to shine a spotlight on institutions that institute practices to address equity issues in assessment. The Faculty aims to make a difference in the learning life of its graduates. With Campus Labs for Teaching & Learning, you can use powerful analytics to link your student learning and quality of instruction data while extracting insights into results across all departments and divisions.