Founded in 1996, Winmate Inc. is a pioneer in rugged computing technology. For over two decades, Winmate has provided business leaders worldwide with reliable, robust solutions made for the most challenging industrial conditions. As one of the first companies to start manufacturing industrial displays and touch screen devices, the company has continued to refine its signature ‘rugged’ technology and engineering expertise to create high-performance products, including Rugged Tablet PCs, Panel PCs, Embedded Applications, Industrial Display Solutions, Vehicle Mounted Computers, Military/Marine Grade Solutions, and Ultra-Rugged Tablet PCs. Asides from developing hardware for ODM/OEM and system integrators worldwide, Winmate Inc. also specializes in customized solutions for unique industrial applications as per customer requirements.

Today, Winmate Inc. is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 with its technological innovations, offering a wide range of Rugged Smart Solutions aimed at revolutionizing the manufacturing sector by integrating intelligent systems that advance the Internet of Everything (IoE). From R & D to manufacturing to in-house testing, Winmate Inc. manages the entire product development process with ready-made products for quick deployment. Winmate’s innovative approach has helped countless enterprises with equipment automation and seamless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration at every level.

Rugged Computing

As a leading sturdy mobile computer vendor, Winmate is devoted to providing the most advanced rugged computing solutions to help users accomplish their tasks even in extreme conditions. “Our ground-breaking extreme-environment solutions have been our success factor for many companies wins with several Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as government contracts in key countries of each continent,” says Ken Lu, CEO of Winmate Inc.”The company has earned the trust of global leaders by providing best-of-class rugged solutions that meet the needs of the international marketplace.”

From style to manufacturing, Winmate Inc.’s sturdy computer systems for market usage are purely managed to fulfill one of the most rigid worldwide screening qualification criteria of the market. Winmate Inc. items are developed to endure lasting direct exposure to resonance, revealing the ideal efficiency at every defining moment and assisting customers in attaining even more in development and quality. “With innovation at the core of our company, we are dedicated to producing benefits for clients with one of the most sophisticated innovations and items,” says Ken Lu. “We are the first to present an advanced technology that supplies sunlight-readable and anti-reflection illumination panel; Long life battery technology that includes rugged tablet hot-swappable for undisturbed battery life, as well as filter-free night vision modern technology.”

Win the future

Winmate Inc. incorporated their specialized and diverse application experience and expertise to set up a unique database in commercial automation and associated applications. Making use of these collected understandings, Winmate Inc. developed the regimens on the entire life process of item advancement, layout, manufacturing, and also the solution for customization. With its CRM system, Winmate Inc. co-produces a particular customer by thoroughly interactive engagement in the style, screening, and even manufacturing procedures. This interactive building empirically sustains the principle of co-production, which stresses customer participation.

The company focuses on maintaining business partnerships beyond just signing a piece of paper.

It’s the individual connection and also collaboration that counts. These partnerships call for a give-and- take strategy; one celebration cannot merely increase revenue at the cost of various other events. “We attempt to stabilize our requirements,” Ken Lu states. “We remain in this with each other.” The firm’s long-lasting objectives include a structure on solution capabilities, as even more clients look to take advantage of its varied abilities. This permits Winmate Inc. to provide even more worth to consumers and also sustains.

Winmate Inc.’s objectives to productively expand its organization. The firm’s focus on shared advantage has likewise aided its vendors and also their company objectives. Winmate Inc. shares in the chance to create brand- new items or innovations along with vendors. An additional factor that Winmate Inc. is helpful to its companions, as well as vendors, is its multi-sector experience; with Winmate Inc.’s expertise, providers concentrating on the clinical market can move to service the aerospace sector. By offering a vast array of experiences throughout the business as well as urging a business frame of mind, these future leaders are developed to have a complete understanding of Winmate Inc. and also the determination to obtain entailed at any degree.

“Anticipate customer needs and exceed expectations,” ” Ken Lu states. “Winmate prioritizes user experience and customer satisfaction when it comes to our products. Our goal is to stay flexible, provide diverse solutions, and fulfill customer needs promptly to resolve any issues that come up.” Today, Winmate’s brand is spread across 50 countries with an ever-growing market share, thanks to high-levels of customer satisfaction and a keen understanding of end-userscenarios.