John Koziaris | Managing Director | alltasksITĀ®

John Koziaris | Managing Director

"customers know they can leave any it issue in our hands and alltasksit will solve it for them"

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"The Cloud and Security Experts"

Maintaining the security of their IT platforms is a major challenge for all businesses. Cyberattacks are on the rise – there are more hackers, using increasing sophisticated software, and they are no longer a threat just to large, well- known companies. Everyone online is a target. alltasksIT provides customised solutions to safeguard as much as possible against cyberattacks. They do not work on a one size fits all philosophy, but rather work closely with customers, listening to their needs and then audit their system against the Australian Governments’ Essential 8 mitigation strategies. “Once we understand where the gaps and risks are, we build a mitigation plan clearly outlining priorities based on greatest risk and then implement accordingly,” says John Koziaris, Founder and Managing Director of alltasksIT. “Additionally, monthly security audit reports are sent to customers keeping them abreast of their ongoing security status.”

In the current environment, the other obvious challenge facing customers is staff working remotely from home – requiring most users to bypass the on-premise firewalls to get to the internet. Cloud based solutions like Cisco Umbrella play a very important part in keeping home networks safe. Cisco Umbrella is a Cloud driven Secure Internet Gateway that provides protection for users, from Internet based threats, wherever they are. This is a major focus for alltask customers as the efficiencies and collaboration provided by Microsoft Teams can provide significant benefits to a business. In addition, Microsoft Teams enforces enhanced security through organisational wide two-factor authentication, single sign-on and encryption of data – both in transit and at rest. Rather than files being stored on an individual’s laptop or a home device, files are stored in SharePoint, and subsequently backed by SharePoint encryption, while notes are stored in OneNote and also backed up by encryption.

According to John outdated business systems and practices are also a challenge for businesses. “As we know, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and there are many new tools and technologies available that we can introduce to our customers to improve efficiencies and productivity, and take their ways of working to the next level. It’s difficult for businesses to keep up with all this new information,” he says. “It’s our job to showcase these tools and make it real for the customer. For instance, everyone is using the MS Teams app, however its utilisation in most companies is not optimised. We showcase how much more can be done with Teams, sometimes by using ourselves as an example and highlighting how it has changed the way alltasksIT works by increasing the collaboration and communication across the business.”

John is excited by technology and always has been. It’s all he ever wanted to do since he first laid hands on a Commodore Vic 20. With the support of their customers, alltasksIT has experienced steady growth over time, employing hardworking, loyal, IT passionate people, so that they now have a team of 30 IT professionals, many of whom have been with the company for over 10 years. alltasksIT’s offices have expanded into other Australian states and regions, and their customer base is now national, and includes some of Australia’s biggest household names.

The steadfast leader says one cannot underestimate real, hands-on experience as they come from actual experience. “We’ve been around for over 20 years, and our people at alltasksIT have learnt from over 100,000 different types of on- the-job scenarios across a vast variety of businesses,” he adds. “These experiences and wealth of knowledge have remained within our professional team of passionate IT people.” One of the things John and his team is proud of, is their pro-active  support – “80% of tickets/alerts we action are solved without any interruption to our customers’ business. Our engineers have developed hundreds of scripts that remediate common alerts without user intervention or disruption. This attention to detail is another element that sets us apart from competitors,” says John.


alltasksIT have culminated as IT experts in managed services, cloud solutions and cybersecurity. They have made it their mission to demystify the cloud for customers and show them the benefits of this important step in IT infrastructure. Their other big focus is to continue to be a cybersecurity business due to the ever-increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, requiring new protection strategies. alltasksIT is excited by the opportunities that will be realised with growing utilisation of hands-free digital devices and other AR devices. “alltasksIT’s customers know they can come to us with a challenge or pain point and we reach out to our internal experts and if necessary, also to our Vendor community of partners to come up with a solution that meets their needs and their budgets. Customers know they can leave any IT issue in our hands and alltasksIT will solve it for them!" says John.