Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes the hybrid cloud in real-time. Leading internet providers and Global 5000 companies leverage the company’s technology to run with fewer resources, lower cloud costs, and, at the same time, better-performing business applications. The organization provides an Advanced Cloud & Container Resource Management Platform that leverages machine- learning to make cloud & container workloads self-aware of their precise resource requirements and fully automates the resource management process. With Densify, CloudOps ensure apps continuously get the optimal resources they need at the lowest possible spend.

Densify is a hybrid cloud and container resource management framework that makes workloads self-aware of their exact resource needs and completely automates resource management and availability. With Densify, users get the best of both worlds: cloud usage is managed, and applications work and grow smoother as they precisely align resources across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and VMware.The company provides automation and operational efficiency in cloud administration, enhances application performance, and facilitates financially responsible cloud investment.

Delivers Better Stability and Applications

“Many tool providers claim to help reduce your cloud bill. But Densify is the only technology that is delivered as a service that leverages patented, predictive machine learning-powered analytics to perform advanced modeling of workload patterns, and gives precise, results-driven recommendations—not naive suggestions.” says Andrew Hillier, CTO & Co-Founder, Densify. This means the organization truly aligns supply and demand and performs sophisticated optimization scenarios for the user’s cloud environments that others simply cannot. The company offers Better application performance and stability, Automated cloud and container resource selection and usage, Financially-prudent cloud spend, optimal strategies for AWS Savings Plans, and Operational efficiency as you select, deploy, and leverage cloud for your apps.

Densify offers cloud cost analysis and monitoring, in addition to providing suggestions on which cloud resources to purchase to best meet the needs of users’ applications. The organization’s Cloud Cost Intelligence helps the customers monitor, understand, and manage the details associated with their cloud bills. It helps the customers analyze the billing details in a full-featured reporting system, providing maximum insight and cost analysis through comprehensive monitoring and filtering while allowing business line (LOB) charging. The Outlier Analysis of the organization also necessary technical knowledge spending patterns, providing transaction-level details to quickly identify the root problem to get expenditure back under control.

The organization analyzes existing Reserved Instances to define a comprehensive plan to maximize your RI utilization. Densify provides detailed recommendations to exchange underutilized convertible RIs into the RIs the customer needs and recommend when purchasing more based on their current coverage. Densify is fully supportive of AWS Savings Plans. With the organisation’s patented, predictive machine learning technology and dedicated Cloud Advisors team, we will empower users to make optimal, well-informed choices on how best to leverage Savings Plans, maximizing overall cost savings.

Densify granular container utilization metrics from frameworks such as Prometheus, learn activity patterns and apply sophisticated policies to generate safe resize recommendations. These precise, automated recommendations can, in most cases, reduce the value of the container request (reservation of resources) by 40%, which translates directly into a reduction in the cost of your node infrastructure.