NektarBaziotis is the Founder and President of ENKI Tech; he sees every person’s and company’s unique potential, and his goal is to do his part to bring out the best in everyone (and himself). He thinks the action is important. Even if there is no clear path or evident solution, in the beginning, he likes to start with smaller experiments until the best way emerges. “In this world, the only thing that does not change is change itself. In order to survive and thrive, it is therefore necessary to evolve and always strive for a more profound and impactful outcome,” says Nektar. “In fact, we treat issues as an opportunity to evolve our methodologies, and higher our intelligence.”

At their core, freedom is the value that guides ENKI Tech. “Digitalization is a fact of life, which has become even more apparent with the pandemic. We want to assist the world in this transition,” explains Nektar. “We are guided to have great solutions, satisfied clients, but free to select to work with us, for the diversity, intelligence and innovation of our solutions and services we provide.” ENKI Tech’s cross-market experience allows them to approach a project or a product with several factors in mind and discover the success factor.

ENKI Tech helps companies create high-quality, user-friendly software, deliver unique graphic designs, and define exact technical communication messages. They have observed that the need for time management and accurate delivery according to the specified project/product is essential for companies and organizations. Specifically, for better management of resources and meet market expectations. They emphasize their efforts in this direction: timely qualitative deliveries. ENKI Tech follows a holistic approach where software is not the entire goal, and it is usually a means to an end. “For instance, we have start-up clients who build a software for their business model. We consult those clients also in terms of product management, business development and management,” adds Nektar. “For large corporations, we help our contacts promote the solution internally and further their career.”

ENKI Tech selected to focus on two main areas for the adaption of technology, specifically Education, and contribute to AI Ethics by proposing their values to the community. For Education, their system ICARUS AI E-Learning aims to provide objective education to students. “Our long-term vision, is to collaborate with Educational Institutes, Colleges, Companies and Organizations, to give the opportunity to all to learn using standard-low internet access from remote locations with minimal or no tuitions, especially in under-privileged areas or countries. The security of equal opportunities in education is what advances humanity,” explains the steadfast leader.

ENKI Tech is proud of all products and services being delivered. Particularly for the Pacific Park in the Pier of Santa Monica, California, they have designed and developed not only the website but the online ticket reservation platform, managing hundreds and thousands of requests by their visitors. With advanced statistics in their custom dashboard, the finance, marketing, and management of PacPark can evaluate products, expectations, and plans. Besides, ENKI Tech designed and developed the Investment Platform for ExpertDojo, one of the largest Accelerators in Los Angeles. Investors and Dojo’s team can evaluate proposals and Startups.

The biggest achievement of ENKI Tech is the fact that they managed to establish a presence in a very competitive market in a demanding era when technology is at the core of all businesses. “We trusted from the beginning our team, our competences and vision in technology as a solution for a better living,” explains Nektar. “With the addition of AI in our life, our processes and way of thinking changed. We see our daily life, our projects, our clients and partners, all has changed from the fact that we are able to bring Deep Intelligence and understanding of the market situation, facts and start tapping to predictive analysis of several situations.”

For the days to come, ENKI Tech wants to assist colleges, educational organizations, and companies in accessing objective knowledge and making the learning process easier through their product ICARUS AI. E-Learning for several years is stagnating, “In my MBA thesis, I predicted / insisted that online education will be a useful tool in the daily life of students of secondary education and above. Now is the time AI to assist us all to learn faster and according to our educational profile and capabilities,” says Nektar. “With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, we made objective information the key, and we are trying to filter reality, and bring valuable information from accredited sources to our clients, partners and audience. We are in front of a global challenge, which changes drastically the ways we conduct business.” While all seems obscured by the Pandemic, the opportunity exists inside of each one of us. “Collectively, we stand against this threat and we make it work for ourselves and for future generations.”