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Policy Administration Solutions, Inc., or PAS is a software solution designed specifically to automate all functions of the insurance industry. PAS can operate as an end-to-end solution, with functionality addressing every step of the insurance process. From quotes and claims, to bind, rating, policy issuance, billing, reinsurance, and data analysis, you can efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of what an insurance company needs, saving you time and money. 


The PAS software operates as an end-to-end solution designed to work as a complete system without any add-ons needed. Some of the many features that PAS offers are: 


Submission Clearance – PAS software has the ability to automate clearance for insurance agents, matching clients with underwriters while protecting the agent.

Quotes – Automatically generate quotes for potential clients using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. A quote can be offered as an indication of pricing, pending inspection, MVR, etc., allowing a layer of protection to agents and carriers before finalizing the policy.

Rating – Determine a client’s risk quickly using predictive analytics and AI allowing for accurate client ratings based on large data. As an online solution, PAS has the ability to update risk in real time as your client’s coverage needs change.

Policy Generation – Generate and update complete policy package based on filed forms.

Billing – PAS offers both direct bill and agency bill. Payments can be accepted by check, lockbox, ACH, credit, or debit card.

Claims – Completely automated claims solution allows for flexible claims management that allows for unlimited claimants and features for each claim. With PAS you have the ability to register, track, and pay out claims efficiently while having the ability to control user authority limits.

Document Management – Manage and organize all documents automatically including generating invoices, writing checks, generating claim letters & notices, and sending out policy information.

Agent Portal – Allows agents the ability to manage quotes and policies, make payments and view reports.

Insured Portal – Allows your clients to view their quotes & policies, print important policy documents such as insurance identification cards, declaration pages, proof of coverage, and make payments.


Each of the PAS software packages are fully integrated, meaning they all work together as a system. This allows for a seamless transition between each step in the insurance process making it easy to operate and move from one program to another. 

Being fully integrated allows you to instantly pull data from any PAS product giving you insights and information that is current and comprehensive. All of the data housed in PAS is able to be presented in simple summary tables which facilitates quick reporting and easy data retrieval. 

Although PAS is fully integrated and able to function as a complete system right out of the box, it also is highly customizable and modular and can be configured to fit your specific needs. 


While each software solution is designed to be fully integrated, each product also can be used as a stand-alone solution. Whether you are looking for a solution for quote or policy, billing, claims, reinsurance, data warehousing, agent & insured portal you can purchase the solution that you need from PAS to complete your system. 

Each solution also has the ability to integrate with other products that are not part of the PAS system, meaning you can pick and choose which solutions you need and which ones you don’t. This flexibility makes PAS unique and allows you to purchase solutions individually instead of a whole package. 


For a complete list of all PAS products and capabilities, or to learn more about Policy Administration Solutions Inc.

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