Station1 Receives Gift of Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli Fellowship To Support Undergraduate Women in Science and Technology, Climate, and Sustainability

Christine Ortiz

Science and Technology, Climate Change, and Sustainability

Station1 Receives Gift of Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli Fellowship To Support Undergraduate Women in Science and Technology, Climate Change, and Sustainability

Station1 is thrilled to announce receipt of a generous gift, the Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli Fellowship, donated by The Martin Family (Karen and Gary Martin) of Boxford, Massachusetts. The Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli Fellowship is dedicated to supporting undergraduate women from historically under-served  backgrounds pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, in particular in the area of water research, quality, innovation, and technology in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts. The Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli Fellowship is held in memoriam of her sister Evelyn (Lynne) Scibelli who maintained a distinguished career as a water chemist, with significant contributions in the area of water membranes and filtration. This gift supports their substantial philanthropic efforts to enhance the areas of climate change and sustainability education. 

Station1 is a nonprofit higher education institution, founded by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, that is paving a pathway of opportunity through a new model of learning and research - socially-directed science and technology. This model integrates science and technology with humanistic fields and the social sciences in order to interrogate, understand, and shape technologically-driven societal impact towards more equitable, just, ethical, and sustainable outcomes. Core to the Station1 model is broadening access and opportunity for students of color, those from low-income households, and those who are first-generation to college. To advance this mission, Station1 designs and delivers transformative education, research, innovation, and collective impact programs and initiatives employing unique hybrid methods powered by leading and emerging digital infrastructure. Station1 collaborates with partners worldwide, including socially-minded startup companies, established industry, the social and public sectors, and academia. Current areas of focus include socioresilient  materials  and  infrastructure technologies, community-based participatory research approaches to biotechnology and public health, technologically-driven approaches to the study of humanistic topics, and inclusive innovation ecosystems.

There are many ways to support Station1 ( including establishing named and customized Fellowships which provide life-changing opportunities to talented students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Consider donating today!

Undergraduate students are invited to apply for the 2022 Station1 Frontiers Fellowship.

The target priority deadline is January 15th, 2022.

The Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) is a prestigious, fully-funded ten-week summer experience for undergraduate students focused on socially-directed science and technology education, research, and innovation. A unique internationally-recognized model of higher education, the SFF includes an exciting research internship in emerging areas of science and technology in partnership with leading established and startup companies, research institutes, and nonprofit organizations, a cross-interdisciplinary shared curriculum, and personal and professional advancement activities including inclusive leadership and collaboration, scientific and technical communication, networking, and more. Station1 coordinates an exceptional portfolio of internship research projects in all science and technology majors, including, for example, areas such as biotechnology and public health (e.g. tissue engineering, marine genomics, synthetic biology, AI/ML diagnostics, circular biomaterials), civic technologies, environmental and clean technologies, inclusive digital networks and media, and sustainable advanced manufacturing and next generation infrastructure. 

Station1 strongly encourages students from minoritized backgrounds, first generation to college, low socioeconomic backgrounds, those enrolled at minority-serving institutions and community colleges, or who have not had the opportunity to participate in previous research, internship, or project-based learning to apply.

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