MCM- Multi-Channel Marketing or Multi-Channel MedEd

The Pharmaceutical industry like any industry is going through a profound digital transformation that influences (or -in some instances – revolutionizes) the entire chain: from R&D, clinical trials, compliance, data management, pharmacovigilance, all the way to Medical education, commercialization, Events management, KOL management, patients advocacy or “beyond the pills” services.





The interactions between Pharmaceutical Companies & Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) is undeniably benefiting the most from digital transformation and here is why:

Vast majority of HCPs are digital savvy and highly connected individuals searching for Medical contents online

HCPs expectations toward “content owners/Pharma Companies” is to deliver more medical & scientific insights and less Commercial/Marketing content

Because of the above, “traditional channels” efficiency is more and more questioned

Pharma Marketers are also challenged to “do more with less” in other words; reduce their costs while increasing their reach and improving their ROI

Ensuring HCPs “awareness, understanding and belief” is the best way for Pharma Companies to drive Medical and Commercial outcome

In this context, the HCPs engagement model is shifting from Medical Reps & Symposia led activities to a broader combination of channels MCM 

(Multi-Channel Marketing) including a suite of newer digital channels to complement the traditional channels.

While the norm is to talk about “MCM - Multi-Channel Marketing”, HCPs expectations are shifting the paradigm towards clinical studies/Medical content and - as such - could challenge the Pharma industry to rethink its MCM approach to actually be a Multi-Channel MedEd (Medical Education) and not “MCM-Marketing” approach as such.

The success of MCM in other industries has always been based on the same two foundations:

"Customer centricity"

Content creation for “value creation”

If these two principles were now to apply to the Pharma Industry, this will confirm that MCM needs to be Medical driven to meet the expectations of HCPs.

As such the partnership of Marketing & Medical functions (supported by Commercial Excellence & Digital/MCM lead) is absolutely critical to:

Create the right added-value Medical contents and always provide updates (new clinical data, new indication, new competition…)

Distribute these contents using the right channels

Measure impact (medical practice and/or prescription behaviors)

Gather feedbacks from HCPs/MSL and improve/fine tune the process…

To be successful, an MCM approach can only be designed (and executed) after some key foundations have been defined by the Medical & Marketing functions:

HCPs personas and content expectations defined (via MSL, HCPs feedbacks, Advisory boards…)

Key Medical or Marketing objectives aligned with the HCPs’ expectations

Expected HCPs digital journey to help achieve objectives over time (medical/prescription behaviors change before/after a campaign, Adoption ladder progress, NPS – Net Promoter Score…)

Measurable and data/KPIs to track over time and ensure a constant improvement “test & validate” approach

Pharma Companies going through the process of “Customers centricity” with Medical/Marketing/Commercial Excellence/Digital functions working together will necessarily be successful at bringing value to HCPs and so generate a positive Medical/Commercial outcome (while proving a reach and ROI that only Digital channels can offer!).

Some of the early Digital adopters in the Industry have proven great ROI out of their MCM approach and I will share more of their key findings as well as give more details about "content creation", "distribution via the right channels" & "measuring impact" in my next articles. Please comment & share your experience to contribute to "best practices" sharing!

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